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Seven years, less than 10 broken discs. Pretty good ratio, I'd say.


I've been a member since March and have rented a total of 50 DVDs. 2 were damaged.

Davis Freeberg

I had a great streak of no broken discs going on for a longtime and then I rented the popular series The Sopranos and hit a number of duds. If you stick to archived stuff, you shouldn't run into too much trouble, but if you are renting the short head, then you do seem to get more disc errors. In looking at my lifetime usuage of Netflix, I think I'm averaging about a 3% fail rate, which on the surface isn't that high, but it's enough that every couple of months I've got to deal with a bad disc. It's really annoying when it happens, but at least Netflix expedites the replacement discs.


I've received two that were cracked. One was unplayable but I wasn't enjoying it and just returned it. Three in three months. Not bad.


Out of 122 movies in 17 months, only one has been broken. 3 have been scratched so badly they were unplayable for large sections.

E. Craig Crawford

Been a customer for just over 7 months averaging 1.5 movies a week. All have been perfectly playable. Color me satisfied.


I've had less than 10 broken DVDs in about 5 years. I've had more that were badly scratched, but that's the nature of the beast.


Seems like every 5th of mine is unplayable. No broken ones per se. But i've had terrible luck. Especially popular titles that I don't get immediately.


only had one DVD showed up crushed. Had a few that looked like they'd been used as beer coasters


My first unplayable DVD since New Year's ("Taxi Driver") was naturally the last I received before putting my account on hold for the summer.


One that wouldn't play (MirrorMask...brank new, just wouldn't read on any player I tried it on) and no broken discs in about a year and a half (around 250+ movies). However, I was having some trouble with some movies because of scratches, but after my fiancee and I got our own place, we realized it was my roommates POS DVD player that was the problem and our new DVD player read any and all DVDs.


Since April 2005, I've rented 183 discs from Netflix. Of those, 3 were unplayable and 2 were actually cracked. Not too bad.


1 in about 2 years.


"Seven years, less than 10 broken discs. Pretty good ratio, I'd say."

Pretty unbelievable, I'd say, unless you had VERY light use. I was a member a year and a half with 4 broken DVDs, 3 unplayable, 3 not labeled correctly, and 2 lost on the way to me. They even lost one on my trial. I didn't get it, but they got it back OK. There's at least a 3-4% rate of breakage, by their own admission. Overall 6-7% will have problems.


I'm on the 8 p/mo plan & my account shows I've had 3 cracked discs in the past 3 mo's.

I think that's about what I average for the several yrs I've been w/ them, ie, 1 p/mo.


"I think I'm averaging about a 3% fail rate, which on the surface isn't that high, but it's enough that every couple of months I've got to deal with a bad disc."

My problem rate was over 4%, including DVDs that were broken, lost, mis-labeled, or not playable. I inspected discs for cracks, and tried to rip ones that didn't play smoothly. Blockbusters's rate is over 6%, most likely because they often ship from 2-3 days away. Netflix still has a higher rate of problems than any video store I've been to. I don't have any problem with the typical scratched rentals, the problem's when they are gouged or scraped to the data surface. Those discs are mostly useless.


I've been a member of Netflix for about 5 years and have only received one "broken" disk (like, one actually cracked). I've probably gotten 2-3 others that were too scratched to watch completely, and then about 2-3 more on top of that that had weird problems (like, subtitles or commentary that would not turn off -- very annoying, and I have no idea what could cause that sort of problem!). I rent an average of 20-25 movies per month, too. I've been completely impressed and amazed by the few problems I've had with Netflix disks.

WAY better than with my local rental store (non-chain, locally-owned), where I swear at least 1/3rd of the DVDs I rent are so scratched up I have to skip entire scenes. And they don't seem to care, either! At least with Netflix, I can exchange the disk for another one that ISN'T scratched or broken. At the local store I go to, I just don't get to see the movie at all (they usually only have one copy of non-new-releases). I'm actually far more likely to rent a movie on VHS when I go there! Fewer problems!


No unplayable discs in 6 years. SF bay area though, so maybe better handling since it's closer to home?


I must be lucky-after nearly 5 years of being an active subscriber for 9 of 12 months a year, I've received 2 cracked discs(same shipment, same crack, I figure it was post office evils), and one wrong disc. I have decent machine and have good luck with scratches, so maybe that helps. In Northern CA, so that might count, too.


In three years with the 3-out plan, none.

Big Will

Been using Netflix a little over a year. 3 Broken discs total. 1 that wouldn't play on my XBOX, but then did work on my PS2. I get mine from White Plains NY or Queens NY mostly.


"Blockbusters's rate is over 6%, most likely because they often ship from 2-3 days away."

I tried BB's 15 day trial a couple of years back and it was a disaster. I received a broken disc, then they sent me a replacement, which also arrived broken! Sadly, that wasn't even the worst of it. I'll never try them again unless Netflix goes out of business.


out of 170 some movies maybe 2 or 3 broken


3 years: 3 scratched, 1 mislabel ...

pretty sweet

C Nyze

I've been a member for 6 years and have had 1 totally unplayable disc (I've ran into a few that wouldn't play on my living room player, but they would play in my bedroom ... weird) and actually just received my first broken disc last week. So 2 movies in 6 years isn't bad. I also live in the SF Bay Area were things seem to run a lot more smoothly than other areas of the country.


I've been with Netflix for three years and I got a lot more broken/scratched discs in the first year than the last two. Sure, I might get a little burp in the discs, but I think I've only gotten one unplayable disc and one totally busted one. You gotta expect some wear and tear, it's going through the mail and thousands of people have probably watched the disc.


I think in the five years or so I have been a member, I have received 3-5 broken/damaged/unplayable discs. Not too bad.

harry laughlinn

I am getting 1-2 per month broken. The real irritation is that there is no excuse for any of these, which are generally visibly broken. One was actually super glued. This means that Netflix is not examining discs before sending them to customers. This is unacceptable.


2 to 3 per month. Looks like its getting to be much worse as time goes along. These guys suck


2 to 3 per month. Looks like its getting to be much worse as time goes along. These guys suck


I'm getting at least one or two a month now. I think this is the NetFlix response to the court order not to "throttle" -- they just do it now by sending out bad DVDs. It's getting very old...


Uh my 2nd movie had a crack and wasn't playable


This thread looks dead... but... it's all I could find on the topic. I was doing great... no broken discs for almost 2 years... now suddenly, almost half of my discs are broken. I think 5 of the last 12 have now suffered from this unfortunate trip through the US Postal sorting machines. Most are cracked, one was so crushed that the envelope it came in was like a wet paper towel.


i just signed up with Netflix to start the free trial. I signed up for the 2 DVD plan, and chose my 2 DVDs. Upon arrival - they were both broken in half.

2 DVD's - 2 Broken. That's 100% failure rate. I'll stick with my video store a block away.

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