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Hmm. When I searched for these DVDs, both of them came up, and each one said it had the pilot of the other show too. So, Studio 60 had the Kidnapped pilot as well, and vice versa.
Does each DVD have more than one episode of its respective show, or just the pilot? If it has just the pilot, that means the DVDs are identical.

Hunter McDaniel

TV compilations are well over half of what I rent from Netflix. The main attraction of TV discs over movies is (a) comes in bite-sized chunks of 30-60 minutes, and (b)when you find something you like you can look forward to plenty more like it.


Good marketing move for Netflix to get in tight with the TV Studios - A huge market exists of TV series viewers who much prefer the DVD-mail-rental method to the Live, or even time-shifted (TIVO, PVR, etc.) method to watch TV series.

Personally, I'm not one of those viewers since I seldom watch TV for the very reasons Hunter McDaniel lists above. I'm much more into traditional, artistic movies, 90 minutes to 2 hours long, that are unique and one of a kind. Movies may have a sequel or two, however, they usually avoid the homogenized, short soundbite, approach of most TV series.


I've been renting more tv shows on dvd because you're getting complete episodes and you aren't having 10 minutes of ads for every 20 minutes of shows. It's nice to see the whole series from first episode to last. And the video masters used on the DVDs seem to be better than the ones used on broadcast.

Lately I've been picking up old English series and it's nice to watch Good Neighbors without a PBS pledge break. And there are so few episodes. Although with Benny Hill, I never realized how many lame musical acts that were part of the hour long episodes that were spared us 30 minute Americans.

In a sense, netflix is better off with the more TV DVDs they rent out since they have 4 hours of programming on them so people might not be turning them around as fast.

And CJ, I recommend you rent HBO's The Wire to see an American series that is better than most of the American crime movies made in the last decade.


The best TV show ever made was David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Unfortunately, you can't get the pilot episode OR the second season on DVD in the USA. Other countries have all 8 episodes from the first season and all 22 episodes of the second. Today's TV shows stink. I rarely have any interest in them. Really good shows get canceled after 1 or 2 seasons - like Max Headroom (also not on DVD). Or they jump the shark after a few seasons and totally change the show's format.

I don't own a TV or waste money on exobitant cable/satellite service. I choose everything I watch through DVD or downloads. BitTorrent is your friend. Try finding the Extended Cut of Johnny Mnemonic in the USA. It's only on DVD in Japan, and doesn't have subtitles for the Japanese/Chinese dialogue. But some fans created subtitles using the published screen play (which bears no resemblance to the crap that Sony released in the USA).

The studios have yet to release the complete five seasons of Ally McBeal. Other countries have it - the UK, Hong Kong, and Korea, for example. The USA's copyright laws make it so that many shows are never released or they aren't released with the original music. In short, they are bastardized. If you're a TV fan, you should look into multi-region DVDs, and BitTorrent, since Hollywood will likely NEVER release shows like Max Headrrom, Ally McBeal, and the COMPLETE Twin Peaks series.

Hunter McDaniel

CJ, the "traditional artistic movies" are what I usually watch on the weekend, but during the week I find that TV shows are a better match for my time-availability.

It's nice not to have PBS pledge breaks, but several BBC discs I've gotten lately came with 3 minute unskippable ads when you insert the disc - which really pisses me off when I watch one episode per night.

TV (and movies) have always been mostly crap and I'm not sure it's any worse today than it ever was. What's new is that we can choose from the best of 50 years production, rather than the best of what happens to be on now.

Like Shill, I refuse to feed the cable monster. Anything they have that's worth a damn will be on disc in a year or two - I can wait. If I were impatient I could try BitTorrent but I'm really too lazy for that.


I got both seasons of Max Headroom off BT. I would gladly buy the discs or rent them if I could, but I can't. Given the subversiveness of the show, it'll probably never be given a release. It's really not hard. Search on the BT website, IsoHunt, MiniNova, or a thousand other sites. In less than 24 hours, usually, you will have something impossible to obtain any other way. I don't see anything wrong in this. It's no different than swapping tapes, recorded from the TV. You may have to wait a lot longer than one or two years to get Ally McBeal, Max Headroom, Duckman, Twin Peaks 1 & 2 with Pilot, Daria, Dobie Gillis, Rocko's Modern Life, etc. I hate today's shows, as a rule, esp police and lawyer shows, WB, Nick, MTV, and HBO.


This means almost nothing for Netflix. TV is more competitive than movies (e.g. Apple, AOL, etc. - TV episodes are easily downloaded and/or streamed). Netflix has an even smaller 'moat' for anything related to TV than the 'moat' that they have for movies. Netflix's 20% dependency on TV is fundamentally very perilous (assumming that the 20% figure is accurate). I don't like Netflix and I find this 20% figure even more 'exciting' than the heavy marketing of the $5.99 plan.


that's kind of cool. a lot of what I rent is tv. mostly hbo and showtime stuff because I never felt like subscribing.

I can't watch tv on tv because it's too hard to watch all the ads, but whatever it pays the bills I guess.

even tv shows on dvd that have the fade-in and -outs for commercial breaks are ruined a little.


i've been able to fast forward over those BBC promos at the head of the DVDs without a problem. And shouldn't those three minutes be spent getting a snack or going to the bathroom. What I appreciate most out of getting the BBC films from netflix is knowing that my wife won't be screaming, "You spent how much for the complete Benny Hill?" And I can't bare to watch Benny Hill on BBCAmerica.

Speaking of how much butchering a show gets in syndication, I'm watching the Perry Mason Season 1 Part 1 boxset. Each episode is around 53 minutes long. Today's cable channel doesn't even offer a 40 minute slot to an hour long show. So why would you want to watch Perry Mason on cable?


To point:

I might rejoin Netflix for a short period, so I can see the pilot of Aaron Sorkin's new series.

I think this is a good move for both parties.

Though, speaking of BT, these early episode will probably end up available P2P. Just as obscure good shows like ReGenesis are only available there.

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I won't even start on the original Cracker series...

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