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Actually I have this problem for "Hidden Fortress" now. I heard this was one of the movies George Lucas used as inspiration for Star Wars so I decided to get it. But since it arrived two weeks ago I have yet to watch always with that same excuse ... "not in the mood"


Someone posted an interesting article about this a while back - "Economic Fallacies and Netflix." Their conclusion was that you will be happier keeping a steady stream of discs coming than trying to force yourself to see something you really don't care for. I have tried to watch City of God, but couldn't get into it. It's over-rated, pretentious, and flashy, morally repugnant crap. I don't like Scorsese's gangster films either. Why do people waste their lives wallow in the scum of humanity? I think that most people don't really like these films, they are following peer pressure from stupid critics and other insane people. The mood to watch films like Goodfellas, Casino, and City of God escaped me about a decade ago. People who find these movies "enjoyable" should seek mental help.



BTW, I'm not against bleak films. I like Man Bites Dog, Our Lady of the Assassins, Nil by Mouth, Trainspotting, and Crumb. But I don't see gangster movies as a realistic depiction of the world's poor. Most poor people aren't gangsters and criminals. They are just given more visibility than the decent poor people, quietly toiling in the background. The scum from Goodfellas and Casino should be held in contempt by all sane people - not celebrated as slick and glossy entertainment.

Hunter McDaniel

I liked Hidden Fortress, so it didn't stay at my house very long. The connection to Star Wars is pretty loose, though. The parallels between Kurosawa's other movies and the 'spaghetti westerns' is a lot more obvious.

IMO, the "two-week rule" is a good guideline. If you have had a movie sitting around for two weeks already and haven't picked a definite day to watch it - send it back! Holding onto it is just costing you an extra $1.50 each week you wait. For kid movies, you might wait a little longer - but if they aren't just about tired of the flick, it's probably gonna be cheaper to buy it.

My wife and I generally go through two "TV" dscs a week and one "movie" disc on the weekend. For the "TV" discs, the only risk is when we start a new series - after that we know what we're getting, so the discs don't hang around.


More than once, I've had a DVD lying around for weeks while I watched and returned other movies. Recently, I sent one back without even seeing it, figuring I'll just get it again if I am ever in the mood. More troubling, though, are the dozens and dozens of movies in my queue that have been there for YEARS! I guess it's like clutter in your house -- if you haven't needed in in a few years . . .


I have a bigger problem of buying a DVD and let it sit on the shelf for quite some time. But that's what happens when I buy a bunch on mega-sale. It takes time to there's always working my way through a TV show boxset.

But when it comes to netflix, I feel guilty if one comes in with the morning mail and doesn't leave with the 5 p.m. pick up. I do have a few friends who have a few long term titles.

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