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I already miss the 2 cents feature. I don't always have one particular person I want to direct my short comments to and I don't like having to choose someone to leave a comment that my friends can see.


I despise the new friends features. Example: I most often just checked the 'suggest' box for anyone I wanted to suggest to. See, I know these people offline, so I don't need to write the mini review as well. Now, you HAVE to write the note. That's lame as hell.


I hate it. I liked when I could just add a note to my self on what I thought of the movie. Most of the time I do not want to suggest it to anyone...especially when I did not care for it.


I agree that it's terrible.

I was frustrated a couple times this weekend and once already today with trying to decide who I should 'recommend' a film to, just so I could leave a comment about it.


Add yourself as a friend (use the same email as on your account). After you accept the invitation (I had to close my browser to get the invitation to show up after sending it), you can just send a note to yourself (which seems maybe a little odd within the context of 'Friends').

That being said, I think it seems like a great update, I really like the new slider boxshots on the homepage.


I hate this feature too. I used to be able to just type a few brief words, then edit it later if I thought of something else to say. Not so now, plus I have to actively sent the note to all my friends. I agree, most of the time, the note is really just to myself. What was the point of changing something that wasnt broken?


I like the look and the layout, and I especially get a kick out of seeing what percentage of movie ratings my friends and I agree upon.
However, I also miss the Suggest feature, and I wish I didn't HAVE to write a note. I like that I can write different notes to my various friends, however, since I know that some of my friends have different tastes and may not like the same movies. I also like the Reply feature, so I can respond to my friends' comments or let them know that a movie they have coming up in their queue is good (or not).
I had one odd problem with the new feature: on Thursday (the day before I was able to access the new Friends page) I was looking at the page for the movie Boyz in the Hood. I decided to look up another similar movie (Menace II Society), but I accidentally typed Menace Society in the Two Cents box instead of the search box. Upon realizing my mistake, I deleted the Two Cents comment and went on browsing. Oddly enough, when my new Friends page rolled out, there was my "note" to all my friends ("Menace Society"), even though I had deleted it. What gives? At the very least, there needs to be some way to erase mistakes for situations like this.


I hate it. I loved the 2cents feature because it was a quick and easy way to give feedback. Now they are forcing me to write a "review" if I want to leave a comment. Also, I don't want to send a message to a specific friend most of the time - I just want to make a general comment on the movie. If I want to send a message to one friend, I'll do it over IM or email, not over Netflix. I think they totally blew it with this one.

Also, does this mean that EVERYONE on my friends list can now see my WHOLE queue? That's creepy. My friends list just got a whole lot smaller.


schwimmy, you moron - you've always been able to see your friends whole queue and they have always been able to see yours. It was called the Close Up and the link was there as long as i can remember. Netflix has made it more obvious, that's true. I like the new features. I've been playing with the slider thing and adding lots of weird movies to my queue. I particularly like that I don't have to write mini-reviews, but that i can ask my friends questions and they can respond. When you say "If I want to send a message to one friend, I'll do it over IM..." that's another moronic comment. Now I get a message and I just pop it in my queue (or in one case, delete it out). Why get spammed for a movie comment.

You guys are nuts--- the old Friends pages sucked. I hope they keep improving this, i suppose, because it is a little cumbersome with 14 friends, but i think this is only the first version, right?


PS: "I was told that this update was designed for members with a small number of friends, and they will be making additional changes to better serve people with a large group of friends."

No wonder its a little harder for us. We all have a lot of friends. I'm looking forward to see how they fix this up for people like me. Did Netflix report how long it would take to get those improvements???


I really miss the .02 cents feature without having to direct it to any one person in particular.

I'd like to have it both ways, a .02 cents feature and the current feature of sending a note directly to particlar friends.

I too miss the suggest feature without having to write a note. If I suggest something to someone in particular, they'll KNOW why I'm suggesting it.

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