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Thanks for posting my bit of info. Just wanted to advise that the new friends features are live as of 9:30 AM Eastern.


The new friends features are cool, but It'd be better if they implemented AJAX into the Queue for easier reordering.


BS. I dont understand why I have to pick a friend to leave a note.

Why cant I just leave my thoughts on the movie and whoever wants to read it can read it.


Dan, I think that's what "Write a Review" is for.


But many times you don't want to write a whole review, you just want to leave a quick note for a friend, a sentence or two. Plus when you add a new friend, they won't automatically be included in the list of your old friends who get to see your notes... you need to leave a new note for that new friend, and for each new friend you add as well. That's quite a clunky way of having to do things, it was much easier (and more fun) to use the way it was before.

They also have not fixed the scripting errors that keep coming up in Firefox.


The entire Netflix site is down again... supposed to be back up by 7am pacific.

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