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I made that observation long ago. It's not just San Francisco that has a high self-interest, either. Every major city is the same. In Miami, they are watching movies that take place in Cuba; New York City is watching The Ric Burns NYC Doc; Beverly Hills is watching Sunset Blvd; etc etc...


Plus, when you think about it, very few films and TV shows are shot in SF anymore. Even shows such as Monk, which are allegedly set in SF, are shot primarily in LA to keep production costs low. So when you see a film that has anything SF in it, it's kinda nice.

Plus, Spike Lee's pilot for Sucker Free City is really really good and it's a shame they didn't make it into a series. It blew the lid off the media BS stereotyping of San Francisco. as a native, it was nice to see something not all hippy dippy bs for a change.

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