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I saw an interview with Jeff Bezos and I was blown away by his business acumen. Hard to believe this happened on his watch.

There are 2 others that make the list that get a lot of publicity on this site...

Recording Madness (RIAA)
Blu-ray v HD-DVD

I do have a small problem with Vonage VOIP making the list. I don't think that is scary tech, just new technology. I get frustrated with my VOIP, but it definitely has promises to get better...more than I can say for the others on this list.


Don't blame Jeff Bazos. You should blame the MPAA and the Hollywood studios. They want to charge as much as they can, while giving you as little as possible. That's how the frauds work. Nobody will get a better deal from the major studios. It's no surprise at all. Just business as usual for the greedy cash whores in La-La-Land... Unbox and iTunes deserve to die. Their products are unworthy of anyone's money. I'd be ashamed to use either service. They're a disgrace to honest business.


I tend to agree with you type-cast about the MPAA, but Amazon is throwing a lot of money out the window with this service. Bezos knew what he was getting from them, so shame on him.

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