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Toffer Peak

$20 says that this means NFLX is a great sell now. Mad Money is an entertainment show not serious investing advice.


Cramer shows alot more class than

wedbush's Fudge Patcher

why does fudge still have a job?


I don't know- 20 whole $? Cramer actually temporarily moves stocks with his picks. Many of his main picks, like GOOG or SHLD, are up big. Not that anyone can be always right in the investment game.

I for one was shocked he changed his mind. He has been bashing NFLX every chance but now he gets it. Maybe he will even realize Sirius is a terrific buy soon too!

This all boils down to digital downloads- I have felt they are not ready for prime time, and now that some are starting to come out, I think more of us can agree that the death of the DVD has been greatly exaggerated. In fact, as HD formats spread, digital downloads will continue to have inferior picture quality, and for a higher price.

We can re-evaluate this when we have an HD capable internet in place in several years. Meaning, you don't have to wait more than 10 minutes to watch, or pay a price worthy of a real movie theater.

Two thumbs way up for Cramer!

Edward R Murrow

Cramer is a goof. While watching his show, I've come to the realization that he must enjoy a shocking addiction to Red Bull.

If you're serious about investing in NFLX, I would urge you to read the latest disclosures on http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar

I find the following very interesting from the past 3 months:
1) Total operating expenses
2) Operating income
3) Net income (Net income per share - Basic, Diluted)
4) Free subscribers: end of period
5) Subscriber acquisition cost

This is off the recently filed 8-K. It's wise to invest with your head and not your heart.

Edward R Murrow

To correct the URL of the previous post: http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1065280/000119312506212838/dex991.htm

Another curious thing to note about this stock is that there are a few major institutions that own a huge majority of the stock:

2) LEGG MASON INC. owns 12% of the stock
3) GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC owns 8% of the stock
5) ALGER (FRED) MANAGEMENT INC owns 5% of the stock

What does all that mean? That the top 5 institutional investors own 45% of the stock. Clearly, if the top 5 were so inclined, the stock price could be manipulated. I can't name any security worth investing in with this amount of share concentration among the top 5 investors.


Didn't someone do a track on this guy's calls and he's only been correct 46% of the time? Heads or tails anyone?


In a message dated 10/27/06 10:22:50 PM, [email protected] writes:

"...we cannot be held accountable for. Our compensation for damaged DVDs is to ship replacement copies as soon as it is possible. "

Customers paying Netflix to see films must pay for damaged or incorrect films, since we pay automatically, whether we can view them or not, wasting our monthly payments to Netflix and having no films to view, as in my case (4 out of the last 4 were either un-viewable or the wrong DVD was sent).

Don't you think this is unreasonable, and poor customer relations? Perhaps Netflix should consider a better way to send DVDs so they don't get broken or ruined in transit, since those faults are not the customer's problem, either! NO other online company makes customers pay for incorrect or broken merchandise sent in flimsy packaging, then says "we're not liable/it's not our fault" and "Pay for it, anyway".

Edward R Murrow

I did more research regarding stock ownership of NFLX:

1) TECHNOLOGY CROSSOVER MANAGEMENT IV,L.L.C. owns 15% of Netflix stock
2) Jay Hoag is associated with TECHNOLOGY CROSSOVER MANAGEMENT IV,L.L.C.
3) Jay Hoag is a board member of Netflix

Can anyone connect the dots and say "E-N-R-O-N"? It appears that the fix is in on this security.


Ed, you're an idiot. TCV is a pre-IPO venture investor in Netflix that has never, as far as I know, sold a share in nine years. If that's manipulation, please tell me how. And yes, Jay is a TCV partner -- venture firms usually take board seats of companies they help pay to start up.

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