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Stand aside Tivo. This could be the killer app of video downloads. It's connected to the TV, and it has the potential to make downloads easy.


But it's Micro$oft. Mr. Softie.
"All Your Data Are Belong To Us."
Resistance is Futile. Assimilate or Die.


Currently 360's only have a 20GB hardrive and mine is almost full. They should have released the thing with a larger hardrive to begin with. Imagine having to swap 3 or 4 hardrives before you can find the content you want.


Interesting twist. Seems like it would be fraught with DRM issues ala Unbox. The hard drive issue might be problematic too. Still, interesting twist to the whole download scene.

Edward R Murrow

Now I'm not sure whether to get PS3 or Xbox 360. I'm guessing that Sony will have some sort of download strategy too.

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