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I agree with the spoiler button idea. I've had a couple of movies ruined by some asshat exclaiming "Wow, the dog murdered him! Didn't see that one coming!" in his review.


I agree. Especially because reviews marked as spoiler could be automatically hidden but then the user could expand them. Remember that not everyone minds spoilers.

I hate spoilers on principal, but I don't mind them because I rarely read the reviews before watching the movie. This sort of system would allow me to read spoiler reviews after the movie without those reviews harming someone else's viewing experience. Sometimes it's hard to accurately review a movie without adding spoilers in the review. Perhaps there should also be a spoiler check on the review submission form.


I fully agree. This is a very good and simple idea. I sometimes read reviews before or during a movie, and I hate having things ruined for me.

IMDB does something similar to this. I don't see why Netflix can't.


IMDB lets you sort reviews and ignore users who are hostile or annoying. They have real community features. Why doesn't Netflix let you send messages to other users? Why don't they have user forums for each movie, actor, director, and writer? Why don't they have a convenient system for submitting complaints about reviews (hate speech, spoilers, swear words, off-topic, trolls, and spam)??? They apparently don't want users talking to each other or having control of their experience.

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