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Rusty Ramrod

Hey !!

If you look *real* close you can see those directions that horseman is reading are to my place. Maybe that explains my poor turn times. ;-)


That headless horsmen explains the pile up and consequent traffic on my way home today. Look where you're going dammit! :-)


The commercials look as cheesy as an Ed Wood movie. What was their advertising budget, 30 bucks? They probably blew most of it on beer and pizza. We are now immune to advertising. We only see what we're actively looking for. Advertisements are effective for idiots, but anyone with an IQ over 100 is 100% immune. I would deliberately not buy things if they're hyped in the media. Still don't have an iPod and have no interest in buying one. Only the herd can be influenced by advertising.


I've written to Netflix already about this - I think that they should post their commercials online for download.. There are several I'd show my friends (and some of my friends have tried NetFlix on my recommendation) if I could download them to my USB key or wherever.

Anyone else think this way, or am I just nuts?

Jack Ace

Netflix employees are a bunch of low class idiots. I was talking to an employee, who couldn't help fix my pc. And mentioned the fact my kid was a computer science major. Well to make a long story short, I reinstalled my operating system. I played one movie, went back for another, and never got it to work again. Those certificate assholes working for Netflix turned off my service from the inside. My computer is playing Cinemanow, Movielink, Hulu and all the rest of thewsites just great. After looking over my movie pics, I discovered I really didn't need Netflix. That I was after all buying most of the movies I enjoyed from other services. And that Netflix movies were always low on my list, and impossible to get when they first come out. Netflix is a service run by and used by assholes of no particiular value.

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