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yes if its a show I am really interested in (Deadwood), no if its a show I'm just working my way though (Gilmore Girls).
So I suppose the need is there as much as some of their more obscure releases that they might carry.

urban bohemian

I'm not much for extra features on any movie whether I buy or rent, unless it's to see deleted scenes or even better, a blooper or gag reel.

Unless a friend suggests I catch a bonus feature on another disc, I generally don't bother.


I'm not one who complains about Netflix's throttling; actually I don't complain about much with Netflix. I really love the service and have found great value with it.

But one of the things I find to be a minor irritant is the practice of making extras discs a separate rental. I don't watch enough of the content on any of these discs to make them worth renting separately, so I skip them -- if I notice. Netflix often doesn't mark the discs as Bonus Features or something similar. This is especially true for TV series. When I see that there are 7 discs in a season, I'll click on 'See Series Details.'


I normally don't watch bonus discs unless there is some really special content (I'm not a big fan of BTS) but for 24 Season 5 Disc 7 there is a 10 minute or so prequel mini-episode for the upcoming Season 6. They had this on the last few season dvd releases as well.

I know Blockbuster stores did not get any Disc 7's either, and Blockbuster Online at one point had it listed as a 7 disc set and you could put all 7 discs into the Q. Then Disc 7 just disappeared one day. I guess BB stores and both online rental companies only got rental versions and Fox doesn't make the bonus disc available that way.


I like the special features, and one thing that's annoyed me about Netflix is that they don't always carry the double disc editions.

A few months ago, I really wanted to see the special features for Walk The Line. Netflix doesn't carry the second disc, and I emailed them about it. They emailed me back, saying that "some of our agreements with the studios don't allow us to distribute the special feature discs". I'm guessing that they just don't want to spend the money on the special editions if not many people rent the second disc.


I have watched the bonus materials on a couple of rentals, but it has to be a movie that I really liked or thought was special. The re-release of the original King Kong is a good example -- the excellent bonus material really taught me a lot about that movie and its place in cinematic history. My slept through it though -- she could care less.


I never rent extra discs. There are hardly ever any extras that are worth watching.


Yes. "to see deleted scenes or even better, a blooper or gag reel"


I rent the extra discs most of the time when they are available. I don't realy care about deleted scenes, but like featurettes, interviews, etc. The quality varies greatly. Criterion releases usually have awesome bonus discs so I almost always rent those.


I love the extra discs. I use netflix for regular stuff but when it comes to TV shows theres a shop in chicago i go to that rents out the TV shows all together for no additional charge. So I always go to them for multipacks.


I like to rent bonus discs, but not usually for brand new movies. I prefer to watch interviews that have some perspective instead ones that were done on the set while the film was being shot.


Depends. Just recently rented the two-disc set for Tombstone. I love that movie and I thought the bonus features on the second disc were great. In addition to "the making of" stuff, there was a real-life timeline of the events surrounding the shoot out at the OK Corral. There was even a scan of the newspaper stories of the era. Though, I think that would have been better to watch on my PC. Didn't have the patience to read all that on my TV. Still, loved it all.

Of course, I recently also rented Texas Rangers and if there even was bonus materials I wouldn't have been interested.


I almost always watch the extras - especially on movies like the Lord of the Rings or Apollo 13.


Why waste a rental slot on the extras? I may watch the bonus disc when I rent at a store, because it's included. With Netflix, it just takes away the opportunity to rent something else. The bonus discs get much fewer rentals than the main disc. I think if they gave you the option to have the bonus disc free as an extra rental, more people would take it. I'm not into wasting a rental usually, unless it has something special like a different movie or another version.


in the case of Val Kilmer's "Wonderland," you had to watch the bonus DVD to figure out what was going on since it contained the 2 hour documentary about John Holmes. The same goes with the new James Bond DVDs - great bonus DVDs.

The studios probably don't want Netflix and BBO putting out the special editions with bonus DVDs since they want to sell them.


Sometimes that's the only disc I rent or watch.

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