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Can they really do this?

Lamarr Wilson

Like I commented in the other BB thread, I hate exclusives. This is one perfect reason.


I don't believe they can stop the first sales doctrine. I think the 800 number is just to keep track of how many stores might be doing it.

Anyone on this board have any info on whether or not they can stop it?


"Anyone on this board have any info on whether or not they can stop it?"

They can punish the stores that don't comply whether it's illegal or not. Ex: by refusing to provide revenue-sharing for other titles. This won't hurt the mom-n-pop stores who get things via retail channels, but it will stop the larger chains from renting them. I'm not sure if they are connected with Miramax, but they can probably exert influence there.


I'm really tired of all the crap that plays before the menu screen on DVDs. More annoying is when (and this is most of the time) they don't even allow you to fast forward through it.

I generally start a DVD before I'm remotely ready to watch it. Then I'll finish up chores, a phone call, make popcorn, etc. Whatever I would normally do before I sat down to watch TV.

Of course, then some movies put a "warning" or two after you hit play on the menu screen.

Can you imagine if before we were able to start our cars we had to watch a 90 seconds of warnings about how it's illegal to speed?


"They can punish the stores that don't comply whether it's illegal or not."

Would be amazed if they could strong arm Wal Mart.


"Would be amazed if they could strong arm Wal Mart."

I was talking about the rental warnings. I'm not sure they could stop a big retailer from selling DVDs, but they could make it harder. Microsoft's famous for under-handed dealings with OEMs. I suggest boycotting BB/Weinstein exclusives. Don't worry what can or can't be done, just avoid their products.


great idea. i think that my cousin Bit and her husband Torrent would enjoy this news. When will these people learn? What about libraries? Resales after rental on the secondary market? geezus. but my favorite is the FBI warning that comes up on a DVD-R movie.


My guess is that libraries will be pressured to not rent Weinstein movies, unless they come to some sort of arrangement with the studio. Of course, this would only happen if someone bothers to report them.

There's nothing that forbids any studios from arranging for exclusive sales or rental agreements. It's done all the time outside of the movie industry. Comic book publishers had done something like this, at least with exclusive arrangements with distributors, and just look how great business has been for them ever since!

It would seem odd, limiting their potential revenue stream through rentals. But I'm guessing that rentals for most movie productions are small change compared to DVD sales in recent years. Perhaps by making it more difficult to rent certain titles, let's say we start to see all the studios go into exclusive rental agreements with Netflix, Blockbuster, Hollywood, etc., it'll force more people to actually purchase DVDs.

For those that don't use Netflix, or aren't anywhere near a Blockbuster, those that might normally be content to rent will find themselves purchasing more DVDs.

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