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Rusty Ramrod

But how do I *browse* them on BBO? I can't seem to get over 300 results when drilling down through categories.


oddly enough Netflix doesn't even list the lastest Charlie Chan re-issues from Fox or the second volume of Will Rogers.


But how does Blockbuster count titles? Maybe they have more if they count differently. If you counted each movie or season as a title, they'd probably have only 1/2 or 1/3 as many titles. You should definitely exclude things that aren't released. That inflates titles a lot. Another reason not to trust statistics.


Has anyone found a way to easily search all of Netflix' titles? For instance, can you see all titles in a genre alphabetically or do you have to go through the decending star order only?


I used Google. You can see my results on my blog, here:


Thanks Becky. I was trying to find an easy way to surf through Netflix' catalogue alphabetically with the ability to give my star rankings at the same time. Your Google search might accomplish this, but I'd have to click on the link of each title I want to rank which would be less than ideal.


I have to say, Blockbuster has finally convinced me to come over to the dark side. I was a Netflix subscriber for about 3 years -- and I nearly jumped ship over the whole throttling debacle (Blockbuster claims it doesn't throttle).

But I'm a, well, quick turnaround kind of customer (for lack of a better term). And Blockbuster's new "Total Access" policy was enough to get me to switch.

Basically, it just means that I can return my online rentals to any Blockbuster store and get two really good bonuses for doing so.

1. The movie is marked received by Blockbuster quicker than if I'd put it in the mail. (They claim that it's "immediate" ...I haven't found that to be the case).

2. For every online rental I return to a store, the store gives me one free in-store rental in return.

I have no idea how long Blockbuster will be able to sustain this very generous policy. But in my first month, I've been able to increase my average monthly rentals by as much as double. I get quicker turnaround on the online rentals as well as the freebies in the store.

I'll report back in a few months on how well they've kept it up. But if every month goes as well as this past one did, I think they'll have gotten me permanently.

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