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Rusty Ramrod

Banner and *subtle* animated GIF's don't really bother me too much anymore. My brain has learned to ignore them for the most part.

Flash ads and Hover ads creators on the other hand should be cause for arrest and public hanging. Also, anyone who uses Ajax or PHP in general should be publically flogged before drawn and quartered.

It got to be so bad I downloaded and use a free program called TurnFlash with great success. It anables and disables Flash with a simple mouse click on a system icon and makes Anandtech.Com surfable again since all the flashing, spinning, pulsating Flash ads can be terminated.

Of course I have a long list of guys I'd like to BTSOO, including:

- The guy who designed the "extra" advertising flap on all my bills.

- The guy who designed the "easy open" Mt. Dew 12pk fridge pack which always, 100% of the time rips the whole front off letting all the cans spew out onto the floor and has to be repaired with masking tape until it is empty.

- The guy who designed the mayonaise jar that virtually insures a mayonaise laden hand when the contents get low and you have to "fish" for some product.

- The guy who determines the exact weight to .00001oz of how much crap my CC companies can cram in my bill without causing extra postage.

- But my main man that deserves a beating is the ahole who makes me wait 30 seconds on CNN to watch a 40 second news clip.


The Netflix banner ads and the like don't bug me too much. Like Rusty, however, those floating ads really tick me off. It's getting to the point that when I reach a page that covers my screen with a floating ad, I just go elsewhere.


I'm OK with it, assuming - like the others - that they stay "non-instrusive". Personally, I'm not sure why more companies haven't done it. I work for a large corporation with a very popular web site and have often wondered why we don't advertise on the key pages. I can't imagine our management ever going for it, though.


I run Firefox and Outpost with AD blocking and never saw them.


The banner ads don't bother me much, but I disagree with it on principal. There shouldn't be ads on a site we pay to access.

Please don't equate AJAX with pop-overs. Pop-overs can be done with plain old javascript, and AJAX has some excellent uses (google maps, for example).


BTSOO? Beat the @#!$ out of?


If they had been on the side, or bottom I would have been fine with it. But right at the top means I have to scroll down to see the site I paid to access. That was too much. If ads on the envelope keeps my fee from rising, I'm all for it.


I'll be happy to see them gone. It seemed like the animated flash ads would cause my queue to take forever to load. I have 500 movies in the queue so it takes a while to load anyway -- the ads just made it worse.

Dave Zatz

Nice, hopefully they'll stay gone. I wonder if my emails to Netflix had anything to do with this change of course? ;)


One recent flash ad for a movie would even cover the link to my queue at the top of the page. It was small and you could see all the links at the top of the page when it loaded, but when the cursor got close to the Queue link, the ad would expand, blocking all of the links. I had to scroll to the bottom of the page to click the link there. That was very irritating. Almost made me want to cancel NF.


I've never really noticed any advertising on the Netflix website.


I never noticed any- possibly due to my usage of Adblock plugin with Firefox just like BoB.


Thanks to ad-blocking, I've never seen a Netflix web-ad.


"Of course I have a long list of guys I'd like to BTSOO, including:"

Can we add the guy who invented product placement? I'd like to watch a movie for once without seeing Tom Cruise wave a can of Pepsi in front of the camera.
And also Mark Cuban, just on general principle alone.


I yelled at them via email when it first started, threatening to stop my subscription, and they disabled banner ads on my profile. They never should have been there in the first place, and the movies they advertised were insulting.

Edward R Murrow

Have they already compromised their brand from these online ads?


I never see ads on Netflix or any other site for that matter. I use Firefox and an extension called AdBlock that removes ads from websites. I'm always shcoked at the crap I don't see when I use someone else's computer or another browser for something.

I highly reccomend both Firefox and AdBlock. You'll love them. Web pages load a lot faster without the ads and are a lot less cluttered.

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