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I liked Comment #19:
"BB is big enough that I’ve never had an issue finding what I want. Does it improve your experience knowing Netflix may have that extra 1000 movies you most likely will never want to see?
"Maybe I’m weird but just because my friends like a movie doesn’t mean I like it or care to know they do. Plus do you not talk to your friends the old fashioned way?
"I want a service that delivers on its core purpose - sending me the movies I want. With the new in store service [BB] took a crap on Netflix. I want movies not a “cool” web feature."


Sounds to me like that guy doesn't need an online service at all. If what he really wants to do is be able to rent and return movies at the store -- why doesn't he just. . . rent and return movies at the store? Know what I mean?

I've also heard that BBO has more problems with delays in the mailing process. 99% of the time, I get my movies in 24 hours with Netflix. So, even when they do something that irritates me (like skipping over movies listed as being available NOW at the top of my queue and sending the movies underneath them, which they seem to be doing more often lately for some reason -- annoying), I still don't want to switch to a service that might be less reliable, like BBO!

*I* prefer cool web features to having to get in my car to drive somewhere! I guess that makes me a misanthrope.


Meg, I agree - if he's so eager to go into the store, then why is he talking about the online model at all? Just rent-and-return the way it used to be, if that's your preference.

As a side note, who the heck is this guy, and why does everyone care what this one person's "preference" is - flocking to it, like it's the final word?


He left, because Netflix would not send new releases and was throttling him. That seems like a pretty good reason to leave. I don't mind going to the store. I pass them anyway. They're all over, and it's no bother to run into the store and exchange a mailer or use the monthly coupon for a movie/game. Nobody treats his opinion like it's the final word. What are you and Meg talking about?

Rusty Ramrod

For the avid movie watcher, the value that BBOTA is offering now is unbeatable. Period.


Is Blockbuster actually better than Netflix in terms of getting you the movies you want (including new releases) quickly via the mail? That's not what I've been hearing about it (here and elsewhere on the web).


This author knew the score! I also switched from netflix to blockbuster after using my flaps in the store and seeing how cool it is to pickup a movie off the shelf. Now I keep older movies that are not in the store on my "mail" queue and pick up new releases at the store. plus even with a "2 day" you still get a week before anything happens if you want to keep it. I never had a problem returning movies on time, I only joined Netflix because the cost was so much better.


Has anyone used the coupons for games yet? As I understand it, it's one coupon/month, how long can you keep games before late fees? Did you rent new (PS3, 360, Wii) games or from a different system? What was the experience like? This seems like a great bonus once I can get my hands on a Wii. Thanks


I trialed BBO and it's not anywhere near the quality of Netflix. Shipping (from the same city as NF) takes 3 days, Netflix always takes one day. They randomly select movies from the queue even though they all say "available now". Their website is not nearly as nice. The total access stuff sounds nice, but it's really not worth it to have to constantly go to their B&M store, atleast to me.

Edward R Murrow

Not sure when you trialed BBO, but the sending and receiving have improved dramatically.

When I drop my DVD's off at the store, I pick some off the shelf then while I still have the ones from the store in my possession, more DVD's are shipped to me. It basically turns an 8 out plan into a 16 out plan.

I'm just looking to add movies to my queue, not to spend an entire evening browsing one particular website. So to me the websites are a wash since both allow me to add movies to my queue.

More movies per month for the same or less money is what it's all about. The value proposition that BBO provides is clear.


Blockbuster closed over 400 stores last year and more will close in 2007. Enjoy the extras while you can but read a financial statement and you will see that the clock is ticking on BB.


I think many of you need to try Blockbuster. I've got five DVDs in my place right now. It seems they just keep coming.

The turnaround is fast, less than two days. But because you have the in store movies to watch you never notice how long it actually takes. They just seem to keep coming.

It's unbelievably good.

Plus we get from time to time coupons for pizzas in our mailers. The last one was for a $0.99 large one topping pizza from Papa Johns delivered.

We love it.


"Not sure when you trialed BBO, but the sending and receiving have improved dramatically."

A couple weeks ago.


It is very difficult to watch people argue when they are looking for different things from the same service. I think there are two types of people who use these services (obviously not all inclusive)...

People who casually watch movies, hate going to the stores, hate blockbuster, and signed up for online service to avoid the store.

--These people would most likely value a good ui, friends network, recommendations and reliable service...advantage netflix.

People who heavily rent, want the most number of movies, already know what movies they want. Signed up online for unlimited and that is what they want. UI and recommendations is probably less important. Don't mind going to the store to supplement their movie watching and get games...advantage Blockbuster.

Blockbuster has really tilted the scales with the ability to get new releases on Tuesdays and games, which will hopefully lead new customers to the stores and get them to rent additional game titles (I am still not sure why Netflix didn't move into the game space).

Edward R Murrow

"Blockbuster closed over 400 stores last year and more will close in 2007"

That's what professional businessmen do: build out successful initiatives like Total Access, coupon rentals for games and close out unsuccessful efforts like unprofitable stores.

Not sure why Netflix proponents are so happy when Blockbuster closes unprofitable stores. Wouldn't the anti-Blockbuster crowd want Blockbuster to keep burning cash on unprofitable stores?

Less professional businessmen throw $1 million down the rathole of some crazy contest of improving Cinematch recommendations.

Anyways, reading the financial statements and Form 4, I wish we all had the same access to information that Jay Hoag has since he purchased 520,892 shares of Netflix at $18.59 only 2 months before Netflix announced such great financial results. For those of you that don't know Jay Hoag is 1 of only 3 Directors for Netflix and is a 10% owner. The stock opened today at $27.21. This is as close to an Enron-type deal since, well Enron.

Details of the transaction are here:


Im doing the 4-week trial of BBO and for me, its nowhere near netflix. It sometimes will take 4-5 days to get anything from them. On average its 3 days.

They also randomly select movies from my queue. They'll all say available, but they'll pick the last movie i just put in my queue. I dont like going into blockbuster, so im not gonna use total access. Most of the things i want to rent are tv shows, and they dont have the ones i want instore.

For me netflix wins out. Even when it takes 2 days get here, its still quicker than BBO.


I'm using both plans at the moment. Both have their advantages. BBO's "local DC" is in Charlotte so it takes an extra day or two for their titles to ship. The advantage of BBO is that I can take the DVDs back to the store before noon and get the "instant" return. Plus I grab a title off the shelf. So far I'm pulling 12 titles a week off BBO compared to 6 from NF.

As far as queue action goes, BBO had the Wonder Showzen's listed as Long Wait since I've joined. But NF had them Now - and local. But BBO has all the recent Disney titles (True Life and Disney Treasures) while NF didn't carry them.


Look, I hate waiting in line, period! That's why Netflix was like a breath of fresh air when I found it. Unless they have streamlined the checkout drawl somehow, I feel I will be paying for my freebie.

Then you have a deadline to bring it back or pay more. Yep, sometimes my netflix sit there when life gets hectic.

Additionally, unless they are making my local Blockbuster bigger somehow, I will have the same old selection blues I used to have.

Total access? Limited access.

Edward R Murrow

"For me netflix wins out. Even when it takes 2 days get here, its still quicker than BBO"

Is it really a 2 day drive to your nearest Blockbuster? All you have to do is take a disc to your nearest Blockbuster and choose any DVD. Then the next movie in your queue is sent to you in the mail immediately. How is that slower than Netflix?

When you're done with a DVD using Netflix, you have to send it in the mail, wait for them to process (throttle) the return, then wait some more for your next DVD to be sent to you through the mail.

Meanwhile with BBO+Total Access, your 1 out program has magically been transformed into a 2 out program.

"Total access? Limited access."

Please, there's always something of interest on the shelves.

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