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Apple TV seems like a pretty lame gadget at the moment. What good is having a primo TV if your Apple TV unit is providing Med-Res images? 50 hours is what? 25 movies or 2 seasons of ER. 2TB or bust. You're better off buying a DVD player that can handle 400 discs.

Lamarr Wilson

I agree with your points. The TV box isn't impressive. A 40GB drive does nothing. My S2 Tivo has an 80GB drive, and that thing is over a year and a half old.

As for the phone, I saw the presentation on CNET that Jobs did. Impressive, but the phone has nothing to offer significant that would replace my Treo. And if you're correct about them only using the Edge service, then that does indeed suck.

I never liked proprietary gadgets. I don't like when Sony does it, and I don't like when Apple does it.

I wish Apple would be more open about adopting subscription services as an option for music and for movies. The subscription music business is booming; people like the all you can eat concept. I like "fresh" music all the time for one price vs. paying for it, tiring of it, and then having it just sit there. Good company, but very stubborn at the same time.


I totally agree. I love Apple and I have had two iPods. But I don't see the "Apple TV" going anywhere. I feel like maybe they were rushing to get some TV-related product out there. Many of the movies and TV shows that I have on my iPod I own on DVD also. And your point about $15 for a movie with no special features is right on the dot. Unless they lower the price a bit for the movies (which I don't see happening) I doubt the Apple TV will really take off.

I do want that phone, but I don't have Cingular, and I'm not going to switch from Sprint just for a phone. Especially not a $499 phone. And I know that the price will lower over time (like the RAZR) but Apple is always set in the prices that they establish, so I don't think it'll ever end up cheaper then $300.

Plus I want to kick Steve Jobs in the shins for being a douche.


I am totally with you Mike! No new iPod? What's the deal with that? The phone is great and all but what about the whole world that wanted to carry around a wide screen iPod with a bigger hard drive than 8GB?

Now don't get me wrong I'll probably be the first fanboy waiting in line at the apple store to buy the stupid phone (making me a bigger douche than Steve Jobs) but I'm certainly disappointed.

I think Steve might have just left the door wide open for the XBOX Market Place to zip right past Apple, Inc. when it comes to delivering video content over the net. Too bad I can't put the shows I ordered on my XBOX onto an iPod. Only thing that would be worse than not having the shows on my ipod would be buying a Zune.



Did you notice that Apple announced a partnership to bring Paramount's movie catalog to iTunes? Maybe they're working on the problems. Then again, maybe Apple is overdue for a big flop, maybe Apple TV (what an awkward name!) or the iPhone will be it.

I remember using mp3s in 1997, before any major newspaper would print the word. It wasn't until Napster that it caught on, and not until the iPod that it became legitimate. Seems like movies have been traded around online since about 2000 or so, they've begun to catch on with Bittorrent, even though it's certainly no Napster, and maybe in a few years, somebody will figure out the secret to making it legit.


iPhone, when it gets all the FCC stuff, is the Treo and Blackberry killer. This thing works now.

The price point is an issue that should fix itself by dropping down to the $399 vicinity, over the next year plus. But bleeding edge buyers will pay for cool.

There appears to be a trademark issue with the name -- iPhone -- though. As Cisco has filed suit [they bought the company that holds the name].

Also, if you want to see the whole presentation or just the iPhone part of the keynote, use this:


And then click on the whole/part.


"Why didn't they support the faster EVDO or HSPDA technologies?":


Then there's:

Keep in mind, I am a huge Apple fan. Have yet to buy a MS product.

Lamarr Wilson

Snowyowl: "iPhone, when it gets all the FCC stuff, is the Treo and Blackberry killer. This thing works now."

How do you figure? This device doesn't do Word, PowerPoint, Excel, it doesn't support MS Exchange Server, and it will have limited apps for it. How exactly does this kill the Treo? I can MAYBE see your point for the Blackberry, but that device is even improving as a better smartphone. The iPhone (if it even keeps that name) won't be considered a smartphone anyway. Bad comparison.


LADS and LASS' ... the iPHONE - has WiFi capabilities ... so forget what u think u know about "mobile phones" .. the iPHONE is another thing altogether. Just as the Macintosh (is). It cannot be compared. Even that wonderful PRADA kncck-off has missed the boat - capitalising on PRADAs legendary superficiality. iPHONE is like the GRAMOPHONE: the REAL deal. cheers!

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