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By the way, I did a search on Netflix for "watch now" and ended up at a page that says this "instant viewing" feature will be rolled out for all users by June 2007. Can't wait!


"Maybe they SHOULD charge more for HD-DVD and BluRay. Personally, I don't like subsidizing them when I don't plan to buy either machine ever. Why should my money to go that? If you want HD or BR, you should pay extra. I think downloads should cost extra."

Unless you see prices rise, I think it is safe to say that you are not subsidizing people who watch HD and BR. The download option in the long run will actually save Netflix money and keep prices down if people end up mailing fewer movies.

If Netflix were to charge more to certain people it should be people who rent the most movies… because in reality it is the people that rent 4-5 movies a month that subsidize the people who rent 20-25 movies a month. Of course I would never agree if Netflix decided to do that.


As a deaf individual and on behalf of all people with hearing loss at estimated 30 million US citizens...we plead Netflix to use its "power" to roll out the capability to livestream or download movies online with closed-captions and/or subtitles.


This looks great so far! I'm upgrading my DSL service to see what the quality is like at the faster speed. Both my HDTV and PC happen to have a DVI port - all I need is to get some long cables (audio, keyboard/mouse extender, dvi and a dvi splitter to switch between PC monitor and TV) to connect the PC to the HDTV in the other room. My only gripe is that you need to be logged on with Administrator priviliges in order to download the movie license - that and the small selection of movies at this time.


I'm going to use this to watch the same 5 minutes of Boogie Nights 288 times.

SpongeTed Squarehead

That you don't have the wherewithall to figure out how to get video from your PC to your TV is not Netflix's problem; it's probably your school's fault for not teaching you how to Spell 'PC' 'TV' and 'Connection' and showing you how to type it into a search engine.

SpongeTed Squarehead

Oh yeah, Baldric, regarding your post? That was the funniest thing I've read on the web so far this year.


I just had my "watch now" tab pop up yesterday and I watched my first movie (The World's Fastest Indian).

I hooked up my laptop to my 32" Sony HDTV and was pretty impressed by the picture quality.

I'm running a cable modem and had no issues with the signal fading or any kind of glitch during the entire movie.

I'm really looking forward to when they have more selection. Especially television series. Nothing like finishing a disc and realizing you don't have to leave your house or wait for the mail to start the next disc.


The key question is "How does it compare to BlockBuster's Exchange In-Store?" The only advantage I can see to Netflix Watch Now (NWN) is you don't even have to leave your cocoon to use it. But today I found only one film in my queue available through NWN (I watched it), and the interface is clumsy, at best. No rewind, no zoom, no slo-mo, no chapters, no extra features. No closed captions. I have medium-speed DSL, so the quality was only so-so. For those with dial-up, forget it. If I wanted to watch the movie a second time, it would be deducted from my allotment for the month. So compared to watching a movie from a DVD, NWN is lame. Granted, BB's in-store selection doesn't include everything in my queue either, but even if NWN included half the movies in my queue, the interface would still have to be better before I'd prefer it to a DVD. So BB is still ahead in this game, as I see it.


I liked the watch now feature. I just wish it was integrated with Beyond Media or some other HTPC out there. This would make it easier to watch on the TV.

I wrote up a mini-review on my blog here:


I have a DVI -HDMI cable from my pc to my 42" LCD Tv. Looks Great! and i can interface with netflix using the media center plugin for netflix. theres even a netflix plugin for MediaPortal, which is free. Using this and all the other video sites . i have killed a 100$ cable bill form my home. God bless America.


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I am having problems with my Netflix movie player. I can't get it to work. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried to reboot my computer and nothing works. It brings the movie up but then acts as if the movie is "scipping" in the first second. NEVER plays the movie or even sound. I get error code WMPError(C00D1197). Help me please!!

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