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Edward R Murrow

Hmm, it seems to me that if you're going to compromise and use an IE Add-on then maybe you should just be using the IE browser?


Coincidentally, just this morning my account finally connected with the Watch Now feature, after doing the "Help" routine documented on this Blog about 25 times over last 4 days. I was just doing my twice daily checking of my NF queue here at work.

Problem is I'm sort of wishy-washy about even trying out the feature (when I get home - not about to stream movies at work!) because you had to use IE, which I don't do. Looks like this hack may just save the day...


And Netflix is okay with the hacks and will not 'patch' them? Assuming they are't somehow behind it, or expected it, to do more PR. Maybe they are not capable of rectifying hacks?


I finally got Watch Now available to me last night. I run Windows 2000, however I did have Windows Vista RC1 available in a vmware. So using that, I was able watch my first online movie from netflix. You should be able to do something similar for linux.
For OSX you could use parallels workstation or the vmware's beta version of their software for OSX.
It is not as nice as a native solution, but it is a way around it.

Joel Risberg

While IEtab works nicely for this purpose, it's not quite the hack it would appear to be. IEtab just uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine to display the page instead of Firefox's. It's almost exactly like using Internet Explorer normally -- along with all the security risks that entails -- only it's been embedded within the Firefox window. With this method you're not using the Watch Now service in any way other than it was intended, and in fact Internet Explorer was designed to work this way so that any program could display web content without having to reinvent the wheel.

Also, I'd recommend using the value "http://www.netflix.com/WatchNow*" since there's no reason to use IE every time you access the Netflix site -- only when it's required for instant viewing.




There is nothing to "patch". IE Tab makes it so that any site you surf thinks your Firefox is IE. It isn't worth the time it would take to try and "patch" this because it's not really anything bad. I also don't think that IE Tab works unless you have IE on the machine. This is why even with this "hack" it still doesn't work on a mac.


I just got the Watch Now tab this morning and it works GREAT -- so does the Firefox hack, so thanks for that! I was really glad to see that they made it easy to quickly find out which movies in your queue you can just watch on your computer (in the Watch Now tab, there is a section that lists all the movies from your queue that are available for online viewing). Even brand new movies just released this week are available in Watch Now ("Sherrybaby" is one example). All in all, I'm impressed and pretty excited. This is a GREAT feature and I can't believe it's free!


Yeah, I did what Joel did (use http://www.netflix.com/WatchNow*) and it works fine. This way, Firefox is used for all Netflix pages except WatchNow. You may have to login again (since it's effectively a different browser).

Anyhow, I watched a movie with it last night. The only disappointing aspect of this service in my opinion is the limited selection, but there's really no way around that for now.


Wow, I just used the help search trick to get Watch Now less then 5 minutes ago. I'm really excited to try it out, and I'll probably use IEtab to do it. thanks for the tips


The buzz on this has not even hit yet. This is going to be huge. Now I can remove a few items from the queue- without renting the entire damn movie. If I feel the pressing need, I can watch the entire movie and the quality is acceptable to me, a known AV snob. It will only get better, hurrah!

Netflix has done it again with another revolutionary business model. Per minute=genius.

For you Mac users, it has to be only a matter of time, until then, Boot Camp on Intel Macs is the way to go- I tried it on my IMac just because the screen is so perfect. (had to find a special nonvalidating version of WMP11 becaause I refuse to buy yet another Windows license) :-)

I could care less whether I have to use IE, Firefox, Opera, or whatever. This RULES.

I am sure the content will ramp up- if you think hard, way back when, even itunes had a terrible selection.


Boy I agree with hueristix comments - this could be "huge" for NF and may be the answer to competition with the BB Total Access program.

I was just reading the FAQ and found that on my 8 out plan, I get 48 hours a month. Assuming 1.75 hours per movie, that's 27 complete movies on average per month.

As the content ramps up, there will be many customers who just stream and never even rent by mail. And this probably locks those customers in for true downloading when it finally becomes a reasonable option in the longer term.

My forecast is that long term, BB will have the physical rental market segment (Brick and Mortar plus mail delivery), and NF will have the digital market segment (streaming and downloads).


I just tried the IE tab on Firefox. Brilliant!!! I was seriously wishing to get out of using IE. Also, as suggested I inserted just the netflix watch now page so that I can use firefox for the rest of the site. I really do love this feature! So far, I have watched 2 movies, "the Housekeeper" and "Two for the road" and despite having the "basic" quality level, I enjoyed the movies very much. But I wonder what I can do to improve my quality--I have broadband internet already...perhaps my wireless router is what is slowing me down? Anyway, while I am not at all crazy about the selection either, there are still a few movies from my queue--Tomorrow, I am planning to watch "Dressed to kill". But actually, I think I do enjoy movies more on the big screen, so I think after the novelty wears off, I will only use the watch now feature once in a while.


I too downloaded the IE Tab, loaded the Watch Now player, and then gave it a try with Firefox and a test movie title. I was curious to see how good it looked compared to the same movie title DVD on the computer.

When I watch DVDs by myself, I use my high end computer with a 24" WS LCD monitor, PowerDVD software, and studio quality headphones. The DVD picture and sound is fantastic - better than the Living Room home theater setup.

Trying the Watch Now service, the player defaults to "good" service with my TW RoadRunner cable service. The video resolution using the Watch Now player full screen mode on the 24" WS monitor playing my test WS movie is also fantastic - hardly different than the actual DVD in comparison.

I'll definitely be using this service - it sure exceeded my expectations and can only get better with more titles available.


Here's a strange story - Im watching Jackass and everything looks great, and then I fast forward to another part of the movie. Obviously, this will take a bit of time to load so it starts loading but at 85% it just stays....when I exit it out and try the movie again I get the following error - WMPError(C00D11CD

Anyone come across this yet ? Im getting the same error on another computer, I've tried Windows Media Player 9 & 10 and either one doesnt solve the issue...


Just in case anyoe does come across this error, I've found a solution that worked for me and this one was a bit harder to find on the net -

Firstly, please close Windows Media Player if it is currently running. The DRM folder on your PC is hidden by default. Please take the following steps to make it visible:

1. Click "Start", then "Run".

2. Type "control folders" in the box and press Enter.

3. In the window that appears, select the "View" tab.

4. Select "Show hidden files and folders".

5. Un-select "Hide protected operating system files/folders".

6. Un-select "Hide extensions for know file types".

Next, locate your DRM folder:

Under WinXP/2000 this folder should be located at C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/DRM

If you cannot find the DRM folder, please go through steps 1 to 6 above carefully, ensuring that the correct options are set.

Once you have found the DRM folder, please rename it to "DRMBACKUP". If you now attempt to play your tracks Windows Media Player will perform a security upgrade, which resets all of the necessary DRM files. Each track should then request a new license when you first play it and will then play as normal and should be burnable to CD.


Hmmmmm. Maybe its me but I cannot seem to get it to work. I have FF2.0 and installed the IE Tab plugin, restarted FF, added the NF url to the tab options, restarted again, checked that the url is in the options and enabled but I still get "Your Internet browser is not compatible with this feature" dialog message and it will not stream.

Any ideas?


Nevermind, I figured it out. The tab link adds "?lnkctr=mhWN" to the end so I had to add the wildcard to the end of the NF watchnow URL.


The Firefox extension "IE View" also works as a hack for this. This extension launches the site externally into an IE window if you don't want an IE window embedded in your Firefox.



I did get WatchNow working last night and checked out the movie Heavy Metal - I'll try some actual movies (versus animation) tonight.

I don't what is going on, but I don't think the quality is really that good. I have a 3MB DSL connection and the image has heavy artifacting from the compression. It'll be nice for a quick view, but it isn't going to tempt me at all from using real DVDs. Maybe I'm expecting too much.


anyone gotten to use this with windows 2003 server (comes with ie6/wmp9)


When the "Watch Now" button finnally appeared for me, I was very excited. I was shocked to find out that windows XP/vista is required (I am still using 2000).

I had to change my user agent, as well as IE Tab to get the movie player to install.


I have Windows 2000 and can't seem to figure out how to get it to let me watch the movies. I changed my UserAgent to: Build identifier: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; AOL 9.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; InfoPath.1). I am using IE Tab (I'm happy to use IE if that will make it work, too), but still nothing.

Jacqui Bonner

this is NOT a hack! ie tab is internet explorer inside of firefox. this has NOTHING to do w/ hacking!


I have tried everything listed here ...... and more! No matter what I do, in both IE and Firefox, it just doesn't work. In Netflix, I always get the message that a component of Windows Media Player needs to be upgraded. When I try to install it, it says component could not be upgraded and it crashes the browser. I have to restart to get back in. Help? BTW it used to work beautifully!

gentle robot

Not much of a hack, but a good idea. IETab just runs IE inside of Firefox. I am disappointed that Netflix made something that _only_ works for the worst internet browser. The Netflix blog says it will be available "early 2008." Well here we are, where is it?


Still no watch instantly in firefox?

Anyway, my wife has windows 2000, someone post some detailed instructions how how to get watch instantly to work?


so any way i can watch Netflix watchnow on Windows 2000? It's a work laptop so upgrading is out of the question and it's my only computer i can hook to my 52"HDTV? It seems others had found the way to work around it but wanted to know what were the steps.


to whose ever idea this is,
a thousand thanks to you!


This fix is no longer necessary.


yes, it makes the web site think you are using IE, because you ARE using IE, its not so bad if you only open that one page that way, but its still not a good solution and if you have IE blocked like any intelligent web user then it still wont work. netflix currently states it works with firefox 2 or better but i dont know about the older ones but it tells me 3 is not compatible.


You would have thought by now that a company as large as Netflix, they would have made an easy Firefox extension by now. Am I wrong?

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