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Rusty Ramrod

Out of DRM and watermarking, watermarking wins in my book by 100%.

However, you know what would happen in the end, watermarking *and* DRM.


as if DRM has had any real impact on pirating.


One thing watermarking has against it; it's almost guaranteed to implicate the innocent. Do you think any competent hacker/pirate is going to distribute content with his *own* watermark? No way - the pirated content will *always* be stolen or falsely marked.

I don't think I'll ever knowingly sign up for a service that uses watermarking. It's just one more avenue for identity theft.

Rusty Ramrod

Good point.


Water-marking is just as bad as DRM, because it has the same purpose. Preventing sharing, fair use, and public domain. I say copyright has no validity 'til Walt Disney puts Mickey Mouse in the public domain. Copyright is not natural law. It's a social contract that has paid zero dividends to the public. It's time we consign it to the dust bin of history. If companies continue to abuse their customers, with water-marks and DRM, boycott them until their accounting ledgers bleed red.

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