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Lamarr Wilson

I haven't had any hassle. I quit Netflix a couple of times last year just due to non use and I didn't consider it a big deal. Blockbuster in my opinion tends to bug you more. They offer you the 15.99 price, ask you why you're leaving, and then continue to send emails to you. You have to manually go in and shut off the subscriptions which is a hassle in my opinion; that should happen when you quit. I'm actually quitting Blockbuster (again) today after doing a trial, so this is ironic that you post this. :)


I have quit both BB and NF. In both cases, it was no hassle, very easy.

Rusty Ramrod

I've quit NF twice and Blockbuster 3 times over the years. Both services seemed very easy to quit to me.

Personally, I liked the fact that BB offered me a better deal and once I did accept it.


Do they have criteria for what they consider to be a hassle? And who is we? I wouldn't consider quitting Netflix to be any hassle whatsoever. They offer you a reduced plan sometimes, but anything that I can do online without "talking to a representative" is hassle-free in my opinion.


I've quit BBO and it was no hassle. I don't foresee quiting NF anytime soon.


Netflix asks you to respond to a long survey why you're leaving, and offers you the lower plans. They don't make you answer the survey. You don't have to switch to a lower plan. So how is that a hassle, Lamarr? It's a parting shot to lure you back or find out where they can improve. Hassle would be something a lot more annoying, like having to phone them and wait 20 minutes on hold to cancel.


I haven't had any hassles from either but Blockbuster will send you special offers like 30 day free trial or 2 wk free trial to get you back once you been gone for over 10 months or so. I just rejoined Netflix yesterday morning and they've yet to ship my 1st movie out and it is now afternoon. (over 24 hours). I'm being throttled on my 1st day back.


I quit BB this summer. Quitting was easy. I wasn't very happy, though, when they told me I would be charged one month's rate for my "free" trial offer. Not cool.


I quit BB about a year ago and there was no hassle. Their comment box at the time did not work so they did not get to hear why I quit. (I tried numerous time to fill it out)

I think asking for comments is not a hassle but then you should make sure your site actually will accept the comments or else it becomes something of a hassle.

Walt D in LV

Leaving either Netflix or Blockbuster is no difficulty at all.

I do, however, very much like the fact that Netflix allows you to put your account on HOLD, for up to three months. You don't get any shipments nor any charges, but still have full and complete access to their website, including all of your ratings, Notes, Friends, etc.

They both offer discounted plans which is a real nice feature.

Walt D in LV.


When I first read the title of the thread, I thought of the service being addictive. When you quit, you will feel withdrawal. How easy is it to quit from that perspective? Are you addicted to getting movies online? An addict will always say "I can quit anytime." That's the first symptom of addiction. Doing it and saying "I can quit any time" proves that the thought of quitting occurred to you, but you continue to use it. How easy is it to QUIT?


Check out this screen shot on Flickr that shows the questions they ask when you want to quit.


Do you want to know what my netflix experience is? I signed up for the 1 dvd at-a-time 2 week free trial. I've been on hold for more than ONE HOUR hoping that someone will let me cancel before they start billing me for the month. I'm about to go nuts from listening to their idiotic easy listening and recorded message. 'Due to heavy call volumes, we are experiencing extended hold times. Please continue to hold.'


There is NO BUTTON on the page. I don't know if the button not being there is JUST a personalized option for the poor suckers who signed up for the free trial, but it is NOT THERE.

My free trial ends TODAY and I will be billed 10 bucks tomorrow to get one lousy movie a week thanks to their crappy return shipping policies. Needless to say, I'm NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.


Haha. Somewhat ironically, 5 minutes after I posted that, I got through.

But geezus. AN HOUR AND 15 MINUTES.

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