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It told me we were only 56% similarity in our movie choices!! 56% !! I was crushed.

Waaaaa! Sniff ... Sniff ... Mama!

This is without question, the most pathetic posting ever put on a blog. Its a mathematical average, live with it or quit.


Why would anyone care about this? It certainly isn't worth getting upset over. I have friends on my list who I thought liked similar movies to me, only to find out our so-called similarity is around 39% or so. Personally, I prefer friends that have somewhat different views than me. Wouldn't this world be a boring place if we were all the same?


Why is she getting 56% and he is getting 75%?


I read her blog post as humor not serious.

I mean it starts with "A young lady on Myspace", there is no serious tone from that point forward.


Quite the tongue-in-cheek way to say that she found it interesting that her friend and she have dissimilar taste in movies.

Thank you for posting the most interesting part of her blog. Like so many on myspace she has a horrendous color scheme. Reading the original in neon green on a black background hurt my eyes. I would advise against anyone attempting to read it.

Hunter McDaniel

In my experience the "similarity index" seems to change a lot over time. It might help if they defined how it is calculated.


"Why is she getting 56% and he is getting 75%?"

They've seen and rated a different number of movies. Anne B might like 75% of what Brad C likes, while Brad C likes 56% of what Anne B likes. I don't see why the numbers should be the same. It would be nice if they explained how it is calculated. I don't see what one's taste in movies has to do with friendship. I think friends could have 0% similarity.


It is understood that the person who posted this on HNF is not to be criticized, but hopefully the one who posted on the main page might send this link to the person on MySiteSpace (the creator). I don't have a MSS account nor do I need one or desire one but get the whiner to see where her whining ended up. I hope somebody didn't withhold her candy too and she's at least 20? I bet she was a joy to know in her teens!

Mama .. mama .. Heather has nicer underware then me! Waaaaaaa!



Not related directly to this but I have a "friend" that rates many thing very poor that I rate as good. It seems NF brings those to the front page and displays them in that big, huge box for me to see.


That is what I see when I go to NF. I don't know why NF feels that her reviews should be pushed down my throat. Short of deleting her as a friend, I don't know how to fix it so her reviews don't scream at me every NF visit. Thanks NF!


On my account it shows my g/f as 89% similar, but on her's we're 92% similar. On mine my brother is 78% similar, but on his we're 99% similar.

I have rated more movies than any of my friends, I think because of that it shows lower ratings on my account (cause they've only rated a small percentage of the movies I have) while on theirs it's higher because I've rated almost every movie they've rated.

Edward R Murrow

It's a most excellent goof!


The Onion had a great headline:

Amazon Recommendations Understand Area Woman Better than Her Husband

Same sort of thing here?


You know, when you think about it, it is kind of funny that Netflix sort of eggs you on about differences between you and your friends. I don't really use the "Note" feature to have discussions with my friends, I use it to write a brief note about my thoughts on recently viewed movies (a la the old two-cents mini-reviews), or every once in a while to let friends know about a movie I think they would like (being a "mommy" as Edward would put it).

Does anyone use the Note feature to carry on dialogs about movie ratings? What would you say? "Hey pal, I always thought you were kind of mental but rating Dogma five stars really takes the cake!" I don't understand why people watch Kevin Smith movies at all, but I think we're all big enough to have our own opinions and preferences.

One thing's for sure Netflix, you sure are FAR FROM NORMAL. Still love ya though.


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