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That blockbuster online link shows releases from the week of the 16th...not really that helpful...

"These are all of the titles releasing the week of January 16, 2007"

Is there any similar site that shows new releases categorized like the bb site and a little in advance of the day the movies go on sale?


Blockbuster is not carrying This Film Is Not Yet Rated. Bummer. via Boing Boing: http://tinyurl.com/pjh64


This Film's Rated NC-17 for sex. Blockbuster won't rent NC-17 movies. It's a good example of moral hypocrisy, which that documentary's about. I'll probably rent it from Hollywood, since Netflix usu. denies me new releases. I wish one day Netflix and Blockbuster stopped being puritannical prudes, and start renting sexually explicit movies. I've read that the adult film industry generates higher profits than Hollywood. It's cheap to make and there is a big demand. Why not rent it?

Big Will

To the first comment, perhaps they change the list on Tuesday? Ya think?

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