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It's nice, but will you be able to watch the movies on TV? Will they have anything decent or just B-movies and dumb TV shows? Will you have access on a Mac or Linux computer? Will their selection ever compete with your local video store's 10k-20k titles? Do you want to deal with Microsoft's stupid phone-home DRM? Will they throttle you more, to pay for this service? Content isn't free. Unless they are only streaming public domain films, how will they afford it? Ads, throttling, rate hikes?

Hunter McDaniel

"paid my own airfare to California".
Dunno why, but I had been under the impression you lived somewhere in the Bay Area.

[I live in Connecticut. - Mike]

Rusty Ramrod

Obviously they let Mike know ahead of time because of the service he provides here at HNF.

I would be interested to analyze the logs from this site, but my guess is there is pretty good traffic across it.

In additional, Mike did an excellent job of showcasing the new feature with the demo he setup.

I so want NetFlix to be a good service, the better they are the more competition they will offer BBO the better both services will ultimately be.

Before I was throttled and lied to, I was excited about renting DVD's online from NF. After that, I had a bad taste in my mouth, that while starting to fade a bit, is still rather strong based on my latest NF fiasco which has provided only 7 discs in 16 days on the 4 out plan.

That said, if in my eyes NF pulls ahead of BBO I will convert right back to a being NF fanboy. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but hey, who knows!


Very cool, Mike! I'm really excited about this feature and can't wait to try it out myself. Though I watch most of the movies I watch on my TV, I do occasionally use my laptop, even when I'm at home and could use the TV instead (like, if my husband is watching something on TV and I feel like watching a movie in another room). And it will be great to be able to watch stuff kind of "on demand" (I don't have that feature through our cable TV) too. I think this is a brilliant idea, and I'm really pleased that we'll be getting this feature at no extra cost too. Netflix is great!


Mike, this is the best blog on the web. I'm glad that they're treating you like royalty - or at least like an NYT journalist.

5000 movies by the end of the year!

My Media Center PC has an S-video out so I can hook it up to the tv- too bad I lost the remote for it.

Edward R Murrow

I would have sworn that Netflix said that their download strategy would be announced on Jan-27th. Is Netflix management suffering from "premature announcement" in order to distract people from the possibility that they're not going to make their numbers this quarter?


How come everyone HATES Bill Gates, yet you don't hear people talking poorly about Reed Hastings.
I find this man very personable. Reed Hastings is my hero!
Oh by the way Netflix this is [email protected]*******.com can I have my access to Watch Now please? = P


I talk crap about him quite frequently. I think he's a scum, though I think most corporate CEOs are scum. His ego is quite clearly out of hand, evident by some of the absurd comments he's made ie. he's going to put all the video stores in the US out of business and have 20 million subscribers by 2012. This guy just talks out of his ass to please his shareholders.

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