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I'm going to chime in here and say that I absolutely love the Watch Now feature.

If you don't have a/your computer hooked up to a television, this is the reason to get it done.


So you can enjoy DRM in the comfort of your living room? Sorry, I'll pass. I have yet to hear any ideas for remote control, either. I can go to a theater to watch movies straight through, with no control whatsoever. You're tied to the computer one way or another. I'm not interested in DRM, even if it's free. I could get lots of free movies with DRM, long before this service. DRM is a deal-breaker.


"It would be nice if Netflix gave us a list of the movies that are on limited release, or at least warned us that the movie was only available until a certain date."

That's a good idea. The "On Demand" content on TV has an expiration date in the program description. Netflix should include an expiration date if there is one.

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