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Hunter McDaniel

The longest I have waited for a movie was 6 months, but that was several years ago. I usually have a few movies in my queue with a wait status, but ususally don't put them at the top of my queue unless I have some special reason for wanting to see them next. Only 3% of the movies I've seen are ones that Netflix had skipped past even once.


If the movie is at the top of my queue, I don't think I've ever waited more than 4 weeks, and the wait time is usually a lot less. Once the initial demand dies down for new releases, I receive them pretty quickly.


I've gotten so annoyed that I feel they are doing it on purpose but then I relax and eventually get it.


I've been waiting for "Escape from Sobibor" for almost two years! It's still listed as "Very Long Wait." Emails to Netflix asking if they even have it in stock have gone unanswered, and for a while, its page at the site disappeared (though it remained in my queue, you could no longer find it if you searched for it). Weird! I'm not in a big hurry to see it, so I don't mind continuing to wait. I just hope that one day, it actually DOES show up in my mailbox!


Holy frijoles! I take it back! I just went to look at "Escape" again and it's now listed as "Now"! Maybe my emails alerted them to the fact they were out of stock and they finally remedied that? Yahoo! I hope it was worth the wait!


Now I feel like seeing Escape from Sobibor

Hunter McDaniel

Let's all see if we can get it before Meg :-)


Now I wanna see it too! I just added it to my queue.

Edward R Murrow

I won't steal Meg's copy by adding this to my Netflix queue. When I added "Escape from Sobibor" to my BBO queue it has a "Coming Soon" status.

Such a coincidence that Meg would have the movie as "Very Long Wait" for almost 2 years then all of a sudden, the day that Meg posts, the movie goes to available "Now".

Hmmm, am I the only one that can put two and two together?


The DVD "1900" was number one in my queue for about 2 weeks. Its availabilty during this period was listed as NOW. And yet, although I received numerous DVD's, "1900" was never sent to me. I can only speculate about the reason. Perhaps it was that the DVD consists of two discs, not one and this created logistical problems for Netflix. Or perhaps some renters complained about the very explicit sex and violence in the film and Netflix has informally ceased sending it. Has anyone recently obtained the film from Netflix? I borrowed "1900" from my local library and found it far inferior to "The Grim Reaper" but superior to "Stealing Beauty" and "The Dreamers"


Whats odd is that the only ones on my list that were Very Long Wait shipped the same week I posted my stats on the thread about how much of your queue is wait status.

I've never had any noticable problems



Since this already worked before....anyone else have a pretty long wait status for Unknown and Half Nelson?


I'd guess that the date that you actually return a movie has a huge influence on how long it takes. I figure that if they have 10 copies and there are 12 people in top of their queu, and you happen to be 1 of the 2 who didn't return a movie the day it became available, taht you are just out of luck.


Unknown is released by The Weinstein Company so Netflix only has limited copies....that could be the cause of the Very Long Wait. For now though, it's all about "Escape From Sobibor"! Let's see how many rentals they get from this talkback! Thanks Meg!

Edward R Murrow

"Unknown" is very clever in a certain Weinstein Company way. It's worth the "Very Long Wait"

Secret Squirrel

I've had a couple dozen movies though all starges of the various waiting stages that went to very long and eventually ended up in the saved queue with an unknown "release" date, and some have even have been removed from the netflix movie database completely!

Then again when your queue is constantly at 500 it's statistically possible that's what's going to happen with some... but 2 dozen? I think they should concentrate on putting the "waiting" movies onto the watch now list and solve two issues, stocking watch now and pleasing customers that have to wait...


I am a long time netflix user and usually love the service. I understand having a long wait on a movie that is out of print or a "boutique" indy pic but a 4 month or longer wait on a widely available new release is unacceptable and happens fairly often. Definitely the biggest drawback to Netflix, in my opinion.


5 out of my top ten movies in my Que are either "long wait" or "very long wait." I never had this problem in the past, however; its been happening a lot lately. Its very aggravating!!


I'm getting pretty sick of the wait times for new releases myself. I'm still waiting for Orphan and it's been out since October. Not worth it as I don't watch a lot of old movies.


I never had any problems before either but all of a sudden all of the movies that are already out are very long wait. They are all new releases in the last few weeks. It seems like they scaled back on the amount of copies they receive.

Eric Whalen

13 of my first 20 movies are some type of wait. All of them are newer releases. I've removed some movies because I saw them elsewhere...so it could be higher if I had not removed them.

Michael Gadbaw

There is something going on with netflix. I have had it for more than 4 years. I never had to wait more than 2 weeks for any movie. Now most new releases that I put in my queue have a very long wait. For a new release you should never have to wait more than 2 weeks, because they can just buy new copies. They are either trying to milk money out of their customers by not buying enough movies or they have some strange limit from the movie companies.


I'm a new user and have had to be put in wait status. If their membership is growing, thus their accounts receivalbes...they should add more movies to their numbers so we don't have to wait. Redbox is their biggest competition right now...


Has anyone ever tried to put only one movie in there queue that has a 'very long wait'?? Do they just not send you a movie, or do they HAVE to send that movie?


All the first 10 of my queue movies are long wait--this never happened before. I called customer service and all I got was a "I'll pass along your complaint" Like that will help. What would happen if I only had "Long Wait" movies? Would they send me nothing? If it doesn't change, I will just have to discontinue


Piggybanking on the last comment,..I called customer service on the same issue and I got the same response :I'll pass along your complaint". I have had some movies in my queue since October and it's now May and I've yet to receive the movies! If I don't receive my movies within the next two weeks I'll be cancelling Netflix!


i dont know how long LOST season 6 has been out... but when i first added it, it was a short wait, then long wait, then very long wait, now its back to long wait.

and its been about a month and a half already. no DVD in sight =[


I read somewhere that Netflix entered into an agreement with Warner and others to delay availability of recent movies to Netflix customers to promote direct retail DVD store purchases or some such nonsense. In the article I read I believe it said a delay of 28 days after they have been released on DVD for sale.

Frankly, when I read that, I was not impressed by Netflix's actions, it didn't seem to be promoting customer desires. In exchange they got a bigger catalog of the older titles. I know I've been waiting quite a while for several new releases on my list. May just be better to cancel and use Redbox and get what I want when I want.


I added BBC's "Sherlock" to my queue a week ago or so as my first 2 on my queue, it's listed under "Long wait". I can understand the high demand though, it's probably the most amazing show I've seen in a long time and it just recently came out on DVD.
Darn my mother for sneaking "Sherlock Holmes" to first on the list last night, before both Sherlock and Bleach Vol 3, pff...

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