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I've had as many as three in a two-week period go missing, then suddenly everything was back to normal. I assume the postal worker was moved to a different shift. Overall, I've probably had 8 go missing in the past 2 years. Of those, 2 showed up at their center the day after I reported them missing. On a side note, I had one movie leave the Netflix dist. center, then turn right back around and show up to their center the next day.


I had a co-worker who had his account more or less put on hold after about 10 discs were lost in less than a year (I believe he had to call them up 2-3 times every time a disc was lost when he had 10, 11, or 12 lost). This was about 3-4 years ago when a number of postal workers must have been stealing the DVD's, which is really dumb considering what that the penalty for mail theft is a federal offense with a two-year minimum mandatory prison term. Netflix usually takes lost discs off your account after a year.

Hunter McDaniel

You guys have my sympathy. I've rented over 500 discs and never had one lost, either going or coming. On rare occasions I've had discs delayed on the trip back - the worst took about 4 weeks before Netflix got it.


Over Christmas while my regular postman was on vacation I suddenly had three disks go missing in a week (were not delivered to my box at home.) I filed a written complaint with the local postmaster and mailed a copy of the complaint snail mail to Netflix. I do not know what happened exactly (it was confidential postal information after all!) but the delivery woman was changed and everything went back to normal. Personally I think postal managers cover a lot of thievery up because it makes them look bad. Eight or ten years ago I had a similar incident at my PO Box located in the Post Office itself. I filed a written complaint and the theft stopped. But I also stopped having Netflix deliver to my PO Box. Everyone who has more than three go missing should get very agressive and nasty. Then again that's just my opinion, and I could be wrong.


I had a stack go missing a few years back (was the corporate in-building mail people, as changing to the blue box outside stopped it) and NF sent me a warning before I hit the limit. A "one more and you owe us" note. All they make you do is pay replacement cost for one. I think its possible to put any copy of a DVD in an envelope and send it back, though, so you can get a used one for $4 instead of paying the full fee, probably.

Its also like credit reporting; after a while, the lost disks get wiped out. I've lost one or two since, and they don't care. I didn't go over the limit, cause after some time (undisclosed) they wipe out the loss.

Thieves are weird. I lost one at a different in-building mail drop (when will I learn!) and after leaving a nasty note on the box actually got it back (disk and sleeve, no envelope...so it was pretty obvious someone had watched it). Who is dumb enough to return stolen goods? Talk about proof of guilt if you are caught.


The post office may not be the only problem. My issue has been excessively long time gaps between mailing the DVD's and having them arrive at Netflix. (And I'm a 4-a-month subscriber so I don't think it's throttling.)

After a huge rainstorm the other day, both of my Netflix envelopes were wet, so I returned two discs in one envelope. Netflix "received" one and not the other. I reported the second disc and it's still listed as missing. I don't think the post office could lose one disc and not the other, if they were both in the same envelope.


I only lost one and that was the last time I didn't drop my discs off at a locked mail slot.


"Personally I think postal managers cover a lot of thievery up because it makes them look bad."

During a brief period of time last summer I lost three outgoing checks (all mailed inside the Post Office) and another was partially destroyed and returned to me, an incoming shipment of books showed up with just an empty box which appeared to have been ripped open, and I was delivered a stack of two year-old mail with a USPS form letter that said, basically, "oh well." Several Netflix movies vanished around the same time, although all but one eventually re-appeared. I discussed these events at various times with the local post office, the supervisor of the local USPS distribution center, and the toll-free USPS customer service center. I was finally referred to a Postal Inspector, who told me he thought it was all just a coincidence. It seems more likely to me that someone in the local Post Office or DC was stealing mail, and that no one in the bureaucracy wanted to admit it for fear that they might have to actually work.

Both the USPS and Netflix are so secretive about their inner workings that it's hard to know who could be at fault when discs (or any other mail) are delayed or missing. It seems like every time I report a disc missing it shows up the next day, which also seems like a weird coincidence considering that the largest Netflix DC in the country (I think) is about 20 miles from me in Santa Ana, CA. I have never had a Netflix movie show up opened, so I don't think the local postal employees are taking my movies home for their personal enjoyment.


My first year or so, when Netflix only delivered from CA, I had no missing discs. Then when they began to ship to me from Flushing, NY, I had 3 or 4 go missing, mostly on the way back. Then there were no missing discs until the summer of 2005, when I had four not get to me (2 on 2 separate days.) This last summer I had 3 not getting to me, all of them shipped on the same day! I've filed complaints with the USPS, but I've never heard anything back. Fortunately, Netflix has never penalized me.


I've had a number of discs delayed, but only 2-3 lost forever.

I once reported three discs lost at the same time. They put my account on hold. I called NF, they told me they were going to lodge a complaint with USPS, and re-activated my account.


I've only had one go missing in about a year. What has been happing recently is a rip along the new barcode window, as if to read the title. But nothing taken from the envelope. Maybe I have bad taste...


Account was on hold once way back in mid-2001 - I put 4 discs in my Company mail at once and none of them made it back. That, of course, earned me a call to a customer service rep who gave me advice I still follow to this day: never ever use Company mail, only put returns in a postal box with a once-a-day pickup. That advice seems to work since now only maybe two discs a year go missing and usually one of them eventually turns up.


When I first joined a few years ago, I signed up with my street address in order to get discs as quickly as possible, even though my letter carrier is known to hit the bottle and misdelivers mail frequently. Well, I never received any of the first three discs they sent. I called, they apologized, and gave me a 50% discount on my next month of service and resent the discs, but I then changed the address to a PO Box in my hometown. No further problems. Fast forward about two years, when I was cleaning out a vehicle prior to sale and found a ripped open Netflix envelope buried in the center console. Turns out other members of my family picked up the mail on the days the disc came and apparently thought it was like an AOL disc or something and just left it in the vehicle.

More recently, I had the misfortune to return a disc on the "busiest mail day of the year", ie, the Monday prior to Christmas, 2005. The disc never made it to the DC, and I had to wait six days before I could report it missing. Now, I refuse to mail anything of value on that particular day and get kind of nervous returning a Netflix disc during the holidays or during the recent severe weather that disrupted some mail deliveries. I feel the longer something's lying around somewhere the more opportunity there is for pilferage. (BTW, I also always use a drop slot inside an actual USPS facility to deposit any kind of mail.)

I've never been dinged for a missing disc, but I also think it has something to do with being a low-volume user (I'm on a limited plan and often do not use all my alloted rentals). Plus, the above non-received disc happened towards the end of my billing cycle, so I lost out on at least one rental that time, as well.

I would agree that a lot of postal theft goes either unreported or uninvestigated. I think the incidents one hears about happen when someone gets greedy, as when a USPS employee and a contract carrier in a small town in a neighboring state were charged with stealing several hundred Netflix discs about a year ago. I think too many separate incidents reported/investigated and somebody somewhere loses out on a performance bonus.


I've yet to lose a DVD in the 2 plus years. But we had a weird situation that a sub. mailman didn't pick up any of the NF envelopes for nearly a week. It sounds like they're sorted into a different pile because of their size. The regular guy was swamped when he got back.


In the very first batch I ordered I had one come up missing. My post office branch is not know for it's delivery accuracy at all. We're constantly getting other people's mail and that was one of the things that had made me hesitant about using Netflix. I waited a week, it didn't show up, informed Netflix and they sent a replacement. That very afternoon the original disc finally showed up in the mail.

I did take an opportunity to quiz my mail person in a friendly manner about Netflix deliveries which was my way of telling her that I wouldn't fall over and play dead if I began not to get my deliveries. That was back in August and I haven't had a problem since.


In two years, I think two disks have gone missing. The first one just disappeared, but for the second one neighbors told me the kid next door was rummaging in my mailbox (it's got a Snoopy on top). I asked the mom, but of course nobody's kid does anything wrong. I changed to a PO box and all was well again. The kid and her mom have since moved and I'm back to my mailbox again.


They have never really lost one, but several were a week or more late and I reported them lost. Sometimes I never receive them at all, but they get back OK. Makes me suspicious... Many have taken over 3 days to arrive. While BB lets you report a lost disc after 3 days, Netflix makes you wait 6 days.


I occasionally use the "DVD has not arrived" feature to combat throttling.

I have done it multiple times over over a year and have not had any warnings or anything.

However, I have NEVER had one permanently "lost" such that NF didnt get it back.

I think I read about someone that did have it happen to him but he was like reselling the discs pretending they were lost in the mail.

I dont see any difference between NF pretending they havent gotten a disc back when I know they have and me saying I never recieved a disc. (When its actually going back to them the next day)

But, if they give me a problem, Blockbuster really is a better deal for many people. Its just it takes them 2 days to get my movies here versus 1 with NF.


DVDs returned Thursday. 2 discs in the same prepaid envelope...one was checked in on Friday and the next on Monday. I was about to call about a missing disc but they did in fact check it in after the weekend. Makes me wonder if some 'lost' discs are 'lost' within the Netflix system after being returned.


I have had 2 gone missing and immeadiatly thought of an incodent that had many years ago in the the small town we lived in. Over several weeks people noticed that the mail was becomeing quite thin, and items were not showing up.Someone decided to follow the mail carrier, and discovered that he stopped a an old shack on a dirt road, the same time each day for a week. It was soon learned that the mail carrier was lighten his load before continuing on. Surprised one day in the shack, he was found drunk, and under the floor was a huge pile of undeliverable mail. How can you certain the mail will get to where it's suppose to go? you can't.


LOL its funny to se you guys take this so seriously. Ive had maybe 1 or two actually go missing in the mail over 4 years. Other then that I occaisionaly keep rare movies that they will never have at a video store around here. Its awsome ive gotten like 10 free movies over the course of my subscription and not one warning or anything.

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