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I like Amazon, and Tivo definitely provides the set top box that I believe a real download service needs, but I've always been ambivalent about Tivo. Their hardware is closed, and IMO their monthly charge is too high. Once you pay for the hardware, the only service you're getting from Tivo, really, is a channel guide. That really shouldn't cost more than a few dollars a month. To me, the balance of their charge amounts to a box rental fee, and that's so 1980.

I think I'll wait. I'm sure one of emerging services will provide a box without charging a monthly rental fee. Perhaps one of them will even invent a box that isn't a closed system - maybe something I can add MythTV to.


Imagine if I could use online movies on my DSM-320 (medialounge by d-link). Up till now the only videos you can actually play on the media lounge are obtained illegally. Any service that allows pay-per-download and what-not locks down their files so tight that you can't use it with a media reciever. This, of course, is choking the growth of the media reciever industry, I feel.

Lamarr Wilson

I'm disappointed with this. I really wanted Netflix and Tivo to marry. But I'll keep an open mind on this and see what happens.

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