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2% (9 of 386)


12 out of 232 movies are on watch now.


12 out of 232 movies are on watch now.


17 out of 499 (3.4%)

Hunter McDaniel

2 out of 70 (3%) for me. And I haven't bothered watching either of them yet.

So far all of my WatchNow activity has been more akin to cable-grazing than normal DVD viewing.

They definitely need to do some work on the way they count time, though - of the 13 hours they claim I have used, 3 hours is double-counted. I'd be pretty unhappy if there was any real money involved.


5%: 25 WatchNow of 499 in Queueueue


2 out of 157, 1%


6 out of 248 - 2.4%

(3 of the 6 are documentaries; maybe that is an easier area for Netflix with licensing?)


2 out of 234 (0.85%)


6 of 135 - 4% and they are all really common 80's movies.


Three out of 350. Four if you count the one in my saved folder which is available through Watch Now but that I can't rent.

That comes out to a percentage of 1.1%. On the other hand, if you take into account that 129 of my discs are TV series episodes, and you exclude those the percentage goes up to a whopping 1.8%.


2.6%, even though I've watched two other films that I happen to find while browsing.


No idea - and I'm not about to spend any time finding out. To me, Watch Now is like going to a BB store and just looking around with nothing specific in mind to rent - spontaneous selection. The planned NF rental queue to me is a different concept entirely.


How the heck can you find out? My queue doesn't list anything with "Watch Now"

ophelia payne

10 out of 250. That said, one of the 'Watch Now' films is on our 'Saved' list, so if we watch now we don't have to wait till next month.


1 out of 54. Less than .01%

Currently 12 out of 500, though it was up to 15 before I watched some of my available queue titles.


Watch Now is like going to a BB store and just looking around with nothing specific in mind to rent - spontaneous selection.
posted by CJ

Remember that this is just a roll out phase and it will get better with a better selection.


5 out of 240 none of which are considered main stream and since I'm on dial up I won't be using this service, so please keep mailing me those discs!


22 out of 496 - a little more than 4%. Mostly classics (Streetcar Named Desire, Ben Hur, Bridge On the River Kwai) and documentaries (Gunner Palace, Enron, Crumb).

Mr. Nethead

21 out of 428. There are also 3 that used to be in my queue that I did watched.


3 out of 60, so 5%, but I just watched one on Saturday (it as full screen, which is another topic entirely).

And for anyone interested, there is a "From Your DVD Queue" box that shows the Watch Now titles that are currently in your queue.


"1 out of 54. Less than .01%"

That's actually about 2%. Mine is 4/160 = 2.5%


52 out of 500, which looks like the best percentage of anyone here (10.4%). I probably won't watch any of them because I prefer watching my Netflix movies at home with my wife at night on our 42" LCD, instead of during the day by myself at work on my desktop flatscreen monitor. I will probably use Watch Now to watch episodes of classic TV shows at lunch, or to catch stand-up comedy specials that my wife has no interest in.


0 out of 35. guess i should add more movies to my queue.


OK, here's a weird one. I had Anastasia with Ingrid Bergman in my queue, but when I just checked, it has moved to the "Saved" area with availability "Unknown". But it is available for "Watch Now"! What's the deal with that?

actually, I'd love to know how many unavailable/out of print DVDs netflix does or will offer via watch now. if it's an out of print disc and I can watch it online instead, that would be a great solution.


19/287 ~= 6.6%

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