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You know, I think one reason people have switched over to services like Netflix and Blockbuster is that it's SIMPLE. You pay one price, you get any movie. The tiered pricing at Blockbuster is really annoying and arbitrary and confusing and I think consumers have shown that they're tired of playing that game.


Doesn't sound like much of a deal to me if you have BBOTA service.


It isn't. It's targeted at your weekend warrior Joe Sixpack customer who's too stupid to even operate a computer.


Is that supposed to be a good deal. Obviously it's more expensive than Netflix and BBOTA, but even my local video rental store has new releases for $3, old for $2. 3 for 10 is a rip off.


Blockbuster Rewards is a better value if you get at least half older releases. Hollywood charges like $2.49 for older movies and most new releases. They frequently send out R1G1 and/or 99-cent coupons. This is not a worthy deal, esp for Total Access customers who can already get 3+ discs a week free.


Netflix is more likely to deny you new releases. So you don't always get ANY movie for one price. In my experience, new releases like Children of Men would be Long Wait immediately with Netflix. I think it's sad if you find 2-3 pricing tiers "confusing." I am able to keep the prices straight and at Blockbuster and Hollywood and a local store. My target price is $2 per rental, or less. At Hollywood, I pay $.68 to $1.04 per rental. ($20 for $25 rental card, 2-for-1 coupon, $1 credit early return credit.) They're two blocks from the grocery I shop at twice/wk any way.


Wow! 3 for $9.99!! Watch out Netflix!

By the way type-cast, I have Children of Men at home (from Netflix). You can come over and watch it if your doctor says it's OK for you to be around people again.


"By the way type-cast, I have Children of Men at home (from Netflix). You can come over and watch it if your doctor says it's OK for you to be around people again."

Man, I'm glad of that. I didn't want to mention that I've had no trouble getting new releases when I wanted to. There are quite a few I don't bother with. I also have the Pursuit of Happyness for may galfriend, so we're set for the weekend. Those were the only two new releases I wanted this week, the others I got were Night of the Comet which did just get released on DVD a couple of weeks ago, Disc Three of Adam 12, and Disc Two of Hawaii Five O which come to think about it was also just released a couple of weeks ago.


This week, I received "Children of Men, "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Color me Kubrick," all movies that were released Tuesday. It's all in the timing.


I also received Children of Men this week, no special timing required. However, just a few weeks ago, I did have to wait two weeks for volume 6 of Hare + Guu after it released. It doesn't bother me much; my mom taught me that it's nice to share.


I also have Pursuit of Happyness, but I didn't mention it before because I didn't want to rub it in for those of you who are being throttled. I've also got Happy Feet, Charlie Chaplin's The Kid and a documentary on Seabiscuit.


I saw and returned "Children of Men" (maybe you guys got mine!) and just got "Color Me Kubrick." Come to think of it, i can't remember not getting something i wanted - even a new release - pretty quickly. I vaguely remember not getting "40 YO Virgin" for a week, but that was a long time ago.

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