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Not nearly as fast but my mail was picked up around 5 pm yesterday and at 8 my returns had been received and new selections shipped.


I had one from Netflix that was sent out on one day, and then checked in the very next morning without me ever having received it. I was going to report the problem but there was no option to do that with.


I had one returned without receiving it, I just put it back in my que and it shipped out the next time around. Considering how tattered they show up sometimes that isn't to bad in 200+ movies.



I had this happen once, with the same explanation. Basically the label was damaged enough that it couldn't be mailed, so it was returned to Netflix.

I requeued it, and they gave me a bonus rental. Not a hassle at all.


I'm really surprised that you folks haven't had this problem more often. I worked at BB Corp when they first started shipping Online movies from store (about a year before Total Access), and the software the stores use is not the most robust. Sometimes, the store starts the process of checking out a movie, and the "your movie has shipped message" is sent, and then for whatever reason (the disk wasn't in the box, the disc is damaged, whatever)they can't actually ship it. In those cases, the store is instructed to just check the envelope back in. So you just loose the movie out of your queue. Just put it back, and try again. Aren't you glad the program isn't ten discs a month?


Old Timer Too

The boys (and girls) at BB appear to be working hard on their software. I had wondered about the store software and it is possible that may have happened to that disc. The most irritating things though, are the postage due envelopes when films are shipped from a "fulfillment" store and the post office checks on the weight. If they don't, then the single stamp suffices. If they do, then it's postage due time with the requisite delays in having to go to the post office, standing in line, and paying to get something that shouldn't be costing anything.

I haven't complained about the five discs (out of over 400) that have come in that way, but the next one - that's going to happen.

Back to the software thing - After how long, the new BB site appears to be working correctly, in every area. It even plays nicely with the latest update of Firefox. I haven't had an opportunity lately to check to see if the mulitple delete problem still crashes the system, but aside from that, I haven't seen any other problems. Even the instore logic was corrected. Now all they have to do is update the inventory of what stores carry which discs.

As this point, I don't have both NF and BB accounts, so I can't report which site is better. For many folks, it is a likely a matter of taste. I will report that the new BB site is better than their old site in a number of areas, but there are still weaknesses.

I'd like to see a couple more options of shipping/returning discs, including a way to report the problem seen here as well as a way to report discs when they don't clear after being returned to a store, or when the next availalbe title isn't shipped the next business day.

Since the new site now supports member reviews, I'd like to see a way to report offensive reviews in order to get them pulled.

Also, they are now including the reasons for ratings, something they'd dropped when they went to the new site. Now, it would be nice to see YRV on those "Unrated" discs. Many anime discs carry this when the material is "adult" in nature (an interesting paradox, in my opinion).

Finally, it would be nice to be able to submit "suggestions" for improvements that do not go through the customer care center, drawing inane remarks from cc people. Again, BB would do well to support a means to report site problems or make suggestions that go straight to their programmers or someone involved with site design.


In the last 6 months, I've had Netflix do this to me at least 3 times. (twice in last two months) However, as with most things, Netflix is slower than usual. Those "phantom returns" occur after several days. I'm lucky enough to be near a distribution center so if I use the right mailbox, it should be a 1 day delivery or return. These "phantom returns" end up taking longer to be registered than it would have taken if I had actually watched the DVDs!!

Could this be a new throttling tactic on the part of Netflix???

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