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Voted....pretty fun. Some guys over there have a real "passion/hate" for Netflix. Jealousy is ugly.


Seriously, it's getting heated over there with Reed Hasting's "relative" chiming in. Netflix all the way!


Some guys have a real passionate hate for BB. Jealousy is ugly.


The Long Tail is a silly theory. Wall Street Journal debunked it in their review - noting that Amazon gets 75% of revenue from 2.7% of titles. NFLX does the same. They spread out rentals, so every title gets rented less at any time, but that means nothing. Almost 30% of Netflix members have rated Fight Club or Crash (2005). 1 in 100,000 have rated "This Film Is Not Yet Rated." The Long Tail isn't magic. It's a buzzword (see: Tipping Point).


(Apple iTunes) "90 per cent of revenues come from 10 per cent of the catalog."


I would agree that the long tail has become a semantic dumping ground like most buzz words. However, you can't disprove it by saying that the head of the tail composes X% of hits. The point of the theory is that new forms of physical distribution, searching and personalization technologies shift the emphasis away from the hit (however slight). The observation is useful because years of emphasis on the hits may otherwise blind one to new opportunities.


I cancelled my 4-week Blockbuster Online free trial today after exchanging 3 movies in-store yesterday. I got an e-mail which contained the following:

"If you still want to cancel your membership, do nothing. We will go ahead and process your cancellation effective Mon Mar 05 1#:##:## GMT 2007. Please be sure to return all BLOCKBUSTER Online DVDs by Wed Apr 04 00:00:00 BST 2007 to avoid additional charges."

I thought I would have nine days to return the online DVD's or I would be hit with $4 restocking charge(s), but it looks like I have a month now.

I have to return the in-store DVD's by Monday, March 20th in order to avoid $1 re-stocking charge(s) -- and of course getting charged for the movie(s).

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