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"Swasey visited Boise recently and offered a tour of the company's distribution facility with the agreement that it's exact location couldn't be disclosed other than saying its located somewhere off South Cole Road."

However, if you really want to find the distribution center, all you have to do is cruise up and down South Cole Road at around 9am or 5pm and look for the people with red shirts entering/exiting Netflix's distribution center.


I've received about 4 titles from Boise since they opened the DC. Nice to know that they let the employees wear work t-shirts.


I didn't know Boise had more then 10 people. Maybe they can somehow breed and make more!


i looked it up on wikipedia earlier today. it has a population of 200k and a metro population of 600k. so it is not too small, being the capital of idaho. i believe boise is about 5 times bigger than montpelier, vermont (which is the smallest state capital in terms of population).

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