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I was just in my queue a few minutes ago without any problems; using Firefox


I was just on as well without any problems, and I'm running IE 7


Working fine for me on IE7

Edward R Murrow

That top notch IT programming talent from California is at it again.


I too experienced similar problems this weekend. I called a CSR and received a 50% discount for my next month of service. Here's my blog post on it; http://arsenic.gnosh.org/archives/my_netflix_asplode.php


I bet Mr. Hueristix. who had such high words for Netflix being great and the CA programers being phenomenal must be eating his words in his netflix cheerleading skirt and jumping around waving his pompoms!!!

Just like I said earlier....no one including Netflix is perfect. Atleast BBTA gave its customers coupons to watch movies when its site was down along with discounts or waiver on monthly fees. What does netflix have to offer when their website hits bugs? Do you have any answer Mr. Hueristix?

Cheers to all netflix cheerleaders!


The site is working fine for me, and I have four additional profiles and I haven't noticed any problems with any of them. I use IE 7.

Also, just curious, why is it the BB "cheerleaders" are so defensive when BB doesn't ship any movies for a week and lie about it to their paying customers until forced to admit the error, but so quick to attack when one guy can't get into the Netflix site? Is the emperor wearing clothes or not? Maybe hrsd can answer that for the class?


"Is the emperor wearing clothes or not?"

That's funny, but first let me say that the netflix site has been working fine for me. No problems with anything and it doesn't matter which browser I use. On the other hand, once BB revamped their site trying to update or add and subtract from your queue was like wading through molasses and don't even think of adding too many movies to your queue no matter how much they beg you to. The more you add, the worst it gets. It just as well still be labeled under construction.


Unaccessible? That's unpossible!


here is the hueristix answer:

1) the site works fine for me and many others- so now we have 2 "reports" that sound astonishingly similar. 4 words: much ado about nothing.

2) glad to be infamous among those that come here to hate on the 'flix, you are pwned.

Cali' IT fo' life


Isn't someone going to suggest that this is some new form of "throttling"?


Edward R Murrow

"2) glad to be infamous among those that come here to hate on the 'flix"

Naw, it's not that. You were crowing so loudly about one of the many BBO software glitches and the almighty California IT talent. The very next day, the Netflix website was down during prime hours. Karma, possibly? Open mouth and insert foot as far as it will go.

Erik Tempest

It's not just one guy who can't access it. I'm getting an error message too and my wife's laptop, that's using my same network connection, can access it. Its freakish. I've cleared my cache, reset my cookies, and am using the latest and greatest Firefox, but still nadda.

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