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Um, April Fools is still a few days away.
Can they really be serious about this?


I won't be using one to watch the Animal Channel....


another reason to ignore the strange burning smell around your house cause you'll swear it was from watching Backdraft.

does anyone want to experience Ron Jeremy in Smelly-scope?


This is just stupid. A few years ago some company released this thing called the "iSmell" and no one used it. It was something like $200 and like 4 people bought it. One of those people was the inventors mom. Wal-mart needs to stop taking suggestions from Emeril and start worrying about the fact that the recalled pet food is STILL at my local wal-mart.


Note that at the very bottom of the article it says "From the April 1, 2007 issue." Methinks we have been had.

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