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I e-mailed my questions which included the future about Watch Now and if rates will be going up i the future.


$10 says they get at least a dozen of "Boxers or Briefs" questions that make people chuckle but in reality are just stupid.

I was gonna email and ask when the selection of Watch now movies will increase to more then just corny B-side 80's "comedies", but I doubt that will get answered with more then just a nice generic "As time moves we will be increasing the number of titles"


Um. Also, just noticed there are two porns in the Recent Additions section of Watch Now.


Watch Now does have some classic films, like Casablanca, Chinatown, Clockwork Orange, and Network. Most of them are junk, however. And who needs DRM? Best not to encourage studios in their deluded fight against the customer.


Classic type-cast anti-DRM diatribe. I don't like DRM on media that you purchase, but rented media is an entirely different thing. Of course type likes to forget that the two are (really) entirely different.


Classic DiCraprio pro-DRM diatribe. There is no reason for DRM on purchase or rental. BTW it has nothing to do with preventing piracy. It's about locking in users, and controlling hardware. The arbitrary rules imposed by DRM systems are unacceptable, inherently. It has nothing to do with purchase over rental, but when you accept one DRM, you encourage more.

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