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I think a good part of their survival depends on their niche and the services they give you.

There is a 4 store chain in my area that has a very large number of DVD's and VHS tapes that would be very difficult, or impossible to find online or in any mainstream store. In addition they will deliver your movies if you are within a certain area to each store. If you find a title in one of their locations that is not available in the location you want to get it from they will transfer it to that location for you.

They have monthly plans like BBO and NF. They also have pre-paid plans that bring down the cost of renting movies down to about $1.65 each.


I use an independent store which boasts over 20k titles (not discs, which is what Netflix counts). They have many things that you will not find elsewhere - La Jetee/Sans Soleil in Region 0 PAL, all five seasons of Get Smart, James Bond Ultimate sets, porn, anime, docu, and Criterion sets. Criterion's releasing La Jetee/Sans Soleil in 2 months, but it's been out for years in France and the UK. Why does Netflix not get other region titles and give users the choice to rent them?



I'm not sure how many different titles the store I spoke about has, but I'm willing to bet the number is at least 7,500 to 10,000.

They also have many of the same things you mentioned (I'm not sure about PAL discs) and in addition they have a large number of foreign language titles.


From the Netflix Press Kit:


Netflix has 75,000 titles and more than 42 million DVDs total.


La Jetee is available from Netflix now. It's not easy to find -- I believe I had to find it by searching for Chris Marker. For those who don't know, La Jetee inspired the movie 12 Monkeys.


unfortunately, that la jetee disc is listed as unavailable. but you can watch it on the youtube:


Sorry, didn't realize it was unavailable. I rented it about 3-4 years ago from Netflix. It looks like it is now out-of-print and sort of a "collectible."


"I use an independent store which boasts over 20k titles (not discs, which is what Netflix counts)."

wtf? Why are you even reading Hacking Netflix then? From your posts you:

1) Use an independent store which boasts over 20k titles (not discs, which is what Netflix counts).

2) subscribe to BB Online

3) subscribe to Netflix.

Really? Seriously, do you work or sleep?


lol @ superfunhappy. I don't use my local video store. It smells weird and I don't trust them with my credit card.


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