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Hmm. Was I supposed to feel bad? I'm not saying that he should have died a long time ago (yes I am) but what I am saying is that he lived for too long. However, the devil has been waitin for a new sidekick, and I think he'll do good.



You appear to be a troubled person. You are happy because Valenti died.

While I didn't like many of the things he did that's no reason to rejoice in his passing.

If I were to be happy in the passing of someone, it would have to be someone who did horrendous things such as a mass murderer and not just someone I disagreed with


but even the MPAA's rating system is a bit of a scam. I remember being a bit shocked at I Robot since it had a lot of harsh language even though there was zero warning on the rating. When i complained the MPAA, their spokesperson didn't have an answer as to what words got the graphic language tag.

And the standards do change. Think the original Planet of the Apes would get a G rating now? Or Jaws a PG? Joe Bob Briggs does a better job breaking down the "offensive elements" of a movie to know if it's worth taking the kids.

I met Valenti. he was a weasel. Ever see the pic of LBJ giving a grin to Valenti before he was sworn in on the plane after JFK was shot?


The RIAA, MPAA, DMCA, Macrovision, and Sony need to be eliminated. Jack Valenti was just another mouthpiece for a corrupt and sleazy entertainment cartel. His death won't change anything. The system remains rotten. He was already dead from the neck up. Just read his statements in the media.

“[Cable will become] a huge parasite in the marketplace, feeding and fattening itself off of local television stations and owners of copyrighted material. We do not like it because we think it wrong and unfair.”

"A public domain work is an orphan. No one is responsible for its life. But everyone exploits its use, until that time certain when it becomes soiled and haggard, barren of its previous virtues. How does the consumer benefit from the steady decline of a film's quality?"

"We are facing a very new and a very troubling assault ... from a thing called the video cassette recorder and its necessary companion called the blank tape."

"the information superhighway ... will collapse the great wonder of intellectual property. The country will be the loser. Big time."




Do you have a Bush'04 bumper sticker on your car?




In a word NOOOOOOOOOO! I think he is the worst President we have ever had. He has taken this country straight down the drain.

That said, I will add that I would not be celebrating, nor happy, if he died.


Good time to rent...This Film is not yet rated. I enjoyed it.



Tester, you shoudl read Michael Moore's book Stupid White Men, where he describes Clinton as "one of the best Republican presidents we ever had." Between trashing gay rights, and the environment, kicking people off welfare, reducing reproductive rights, executing more people, and trading good jobs for cheap crap from Mexico, China, and South America (NAFTA and GATT), Clinton took the country straight down the drain more effectively than Reagan and Bush put together. Of course, Dubya is a dolt, but don't kid yourself that Clinton or Carter or JFK were any better. Democrats and Republicans are just two different wings of the Corporate Business Party. Their ideal is to have private prisons housing ten million Americans for drug use, possession, or sale. They oppose legalization. Afterall, there's no "profit" in legalization OR world peace.



I know. It's like #21, I'm gonna bump it up to number 1 now, replacing season 9 of The Simpsons. Season 9 sucks anyway.

Valenti did quite a bit of harm, now the death thing shouldn't be taken too literally, however he should never had anything do to with the MPAA. He would be much better as a puppy-skinner or something of that nature. And good about the bush thing. Brownie points for you.

It's your kind thats gonna keep giving votes to hopeless Green party and independents that do NOTHING but take votes away from Democrats and make stupid little self-righteous wannabes think they are making a difference. Stop fighting against something your will NEVER win. You just make yourself look silly.


I wish everyone could see "This Film is Not Yet Rated", and appreciate Valenti's role in our loss of freedom as consumers during the MPAA's reign of terror. While I see Gates and M$ as the focus of evil in the modern world, the MPAA runs a close second.

Too bad he didn't die sooner and suffer greatly in the process.


I've got XP, and I really want a Mac, but Netflix is taking all of my money away. Sad face.



I completely agree with you about all of the problems that Valenti caused. I also agree that he would have made a good puppy skinner (or baby Harp Seal clubber). I just feel it is wrong for anyone to be happy about the death of a person just because they disagree with what that person has done (I again make exceptions for certain people like murderers, child abusers and the like).



Btw...thanks for the brownie points. :)


Jack Valenti - may he rest in peace. Leaving politics aside, the man did more to hinder the creativity and artistry of movies (that "Rating System"), and keep the industry from moving forward into the digital age (absurd DRM) than anyone else in the last 40 years. I for one have no eulogies for him...



"Too bad he didn't die sooner and suffer greatly in the process."

I find your hatred shown here mind boggling!

To say you wished he had not only die sooner but to suffer greatly as well is sick.

What did he do you you other than make it difficult to make a backup of your DVD or CD? Did he break into your house? Did he kill someone you know? WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU PERSONALLY TO CAUSE YOU TO SAY WHAT YOU SAID?

That's the trouble with the world today. people hating others and wishing they were dead because of small insignificant things.

I'll say it again, Valenti did MANY things that were anti-consumer, and I dislike what he did. But that's no reason to be glad he died.


I just rented the movie and it was a great watch. Opened my eyes to a lot I didn't know about Valenti. Not a good guy at all.

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