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Is it just me, or does Netflix already support this online? Sign in, go to your queue, click "Report shipping problem" under the list of movies at home, click "Report Problem" link next to the corresponding DVD, select the appropriate problem, and click "Report this Problem" button. I've done this 4 times in the past 90 days, according to Netflix's records, and I've had a replacement sent each time without calling anyone. Good thing, too, because I hate getting on the phone for these types of things.


I think Jack's issue was getting credit. I had three cracked discs and one defective one in a six week period, so I emailed customer service to complain. They gave me 25% credit for this month. So you don't really even have to call.


I've had several bad ones that I've reported on the website. They usually ship a replacement the next day.

However, on one occasion I received a broken disc. I marked it as "broken" with a sticky note and sent it back as well as reporting it online. This was on a Friday. On Monday they received the damaged disc and sent out the replacement... It was the SAME damaged disc I sent back!

They just turned it around and shipped it right back to me! I called and complained and they gave me a 1/2 month credit. The CSR was nice but it still sucked to get that same disc.

I know use a sharpie to write on the sleeve and also mark the disc if I can visibly see the problem.

Nancy Toby

I think demanding compensation or credit was the issue.

When I've had a bad disk I just marked it, sent it back, and put the item back at the top of my queue, and got it within a few days like always. I didn't bug them to knock off a buck or two off my monthly fee, I accept that there will be bad disks occasionally. It's rare.


I think I’ve always just reported a problem and requested a replacement and they sent me a new disc each time. I always wait for them to send a replacement before I send the damaged disc back. This way they can’t just turn around and send the same disc back to me. I’ve never thought to write a note on the disc. I assumed that reporting a problem using their website would be enough.


"I’ve never thought to write a note on the disc."

I returned a disc with a note once, but only because the disc was defective and looked perfect to the naked eye. In fact, it was shipped to me on the day of release. Fortunately, the replacement played perfectly.


I've only had one bad disc out of a couple hundred from Netflix (i've had 6 so far in 2 months with BB) but I'm not sure why netflix is so freaked out by a note - like the disc opener people cannot have any communique from the outside - it is forbotten!!!

They actually should have a checkbox - DISC PROBLEM - REPORTED so the person opening can toss it into another stack.

And BB, so far?

cracked disc that was mailed back to me and the wrong movie sent three times because there's another movie with the exact same title.


I can't see blaming netflix for cracked discs ... that's just one of the hazards of using the US mail. I've had quite a few bad discs but most of them have been cracked or broken in shipping. Last week I got one with a nick in the surface from what appeared to be a postal machine. I never thought about requesting credit for any of them ... I suppose I might if I got an actual defective disc and not a broken/cracked one.

Does anyone wonder if discs that are reported "bad" get taken out of circulation or do they just get put back into rotation? Especially if the damage/problem isn't obvious (like a defective disc)?


I've always thought disks shouldn't be taken out of circulation based on one or two reports. There are too many finicky players out there.

Ideally disks should be taken out of service if they're obviously damaged, report or no report, but I doubt either NetFlix or BlockBuster is ideal, despite claims that staff checks every disk. I suspect the reality is that they rely on their inventory management system, pulling and checking disk based on aging and reported problems.


"They actually should have a checkbox - DISC PROBLEM - REPORTED so the person opening can toss it into another stack."

On the old, old, old, sleeves, this used to be an option


A lot of folks don't seem to be aware of the "Report Shipping Problem" link on the Queue page. Just click this, pick the problematic DVD, and say it was damaged during shipment (or whatever). Then just send it back. They'll send a replacement immediately.

I've probably received 5 cracked disks from Netflix (out of 1000 or so, member since 2001), and this feature has worked fine every time.

Hunter McDaniel

It's a bummer to get defective discs, but we're better off not worrying about getting credit, which would only be a buck or so anyway. Plus there is a non-trivial class of people who would enter fradulent claims just to lower their cost of service.

With the current system it all evens out - and if you doubt that, BBO is waiting as an alternative.


The Bad Lieutenant was a bad disc, and it had nothing to do with its ability to play in my DVD player.


I'm wondering if maybe I should modify my previous opinion on this, as I just got my third cracked/damaged disc for the month.

All the damaged ones are due to throttling, (since they ship them from across the country instead of my nearest center).

Normally, I don't care, but this was a movie I've been waiting to see for years, so the problem's starting to move beyond just annoying.


The bigger problem is when you get the wrong disc. They won't replace it. This is common with TV Series and movies that all have same name. For instance, Narrow Margin (1952 and 1990). Blockbuster will send replacements if you got the wrong movie. Netflix says tough luck. Send it back, re-add it to your queue, and wait 2+ days for replacement.


I don't think writing on the disc should be an option. Unless there is a huge obvious scratch, writing on the disc with a sharpie is kind of arrogant as it may just be your player. I understand if you send it back and they send you the exact same one with the same damage then mark is up and break it some more. The sleeves cost next to nothing and they are very replaceable, but the discs are much more expensive. I usually just put 3 sticky notes, one on the front of the sleeve and 2 on the disc (front/back) and I've never received the same damaged disc as the replacement.


I live in NYC, and my mail service is rotten, like many other services here. I get broken discs about 2 or 3 times a month. It seems a little unfair to me to ask Netflix to credit me for the USPS's problem, and I just chalk it up to one more hassle that comes with living in this city - and there are plenty of compensations anyway, so who cares. The "Report shipping problem" works great, I never bother to mark up the disc, the sleeve, etc, etc, or hold onto the bad disc til I get the new one, or any of that. All this fretting and fussing about a few bad discs seems a little OC, no? So maybe I miss squeezing a couple of extra bucks out of Netflix by not making phone calls, writing notes, emailing CS. There's a lot to be gained by just letting it go, ya know.


I received an email this morning from Netflix that my son just purchased a 3 month gift subscription for a Mother's Day gift. I started to fil in the requested information until they wanted my credit card info. And the terms I have to agree to are they can charge my credit card for any problems and they will extend the membership by charging it to my account. i called the phone number and was told that even if I don't want it my son can not get his money back. What a scam. i have yet to hear anything good about this company and I am not about to give them my credit card and agree to their terms. Nice gift! Let everyone know what a rip off this is.


I've had a few cracked discs from Netflix, but I don't think they're Neflix's fault. I lived here before and received cracked discs more than I was comfortable with, moved away and received only one cracked disc in two years, moved back and now am on my third one in as many months. Personally, I think my postal service (whether it's local or the route that my mail takes) just sucks. I've never received credit for any of the discs, but it's no big thing to me. They send one out the next day, and it hasn't happened enough times to really make a big financial deal of it. I'm still getting a good bargain between the three-at-a-time and unlimited online viewing. However, one thing I am a bit peeved at is that since moving back the processing of my discs is not as fast. It takes the discs two days to reach me (unlike the 1-2 days my last location afforded me), but when I mail them back, sometimes the new discs aren't mailed out to me until four days later (counting only business days). Two days to process (assuming the mail is the same speed both ways) is too long, IMO.

Jean M

To date I have received 5 (!) unplayable discs (same film: Judy Garland: Life in the Shadows) from the Santa Ana distribution center. One was very obviously cracked! This distribution center has big problems apparently. There appears to be no way Customer Service (I've called in two complaints) can communicate with the center. This is really bad customer service, guys. Get a clue. I am about ready to switch to Blockbuster.
Jean M.

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