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I noticed this Sunday when I watched the Tudors. I can't believe Netflix would do this, but I noticed it too. I mentioned it in my review on my blog here:


Netflix didn't censor anything. The censored versions of the first two episodes of The Tudors are also what Showtime made available for their On-Demand previews. Why Showtime chose to to do it this way, I don't know. But the bottom line is that this is the doing of Showtime, not Netflix.


Netflix doesn't rent porn. Carrying Shortbus makes them hypocrites, because it's hardcore real sex. At least Blockbuster is consistent with their principles. They don't rent NC-17 or porn. I disagree with both policies. They should both start renting porn and games.

Frank Wilkins

type-cast, You are correct in that Netflix doesn't carry pornography. But you are incorrect when you say that Shortbus is pornography. It may be considered erotica, but since the definition of pornopgrahy is "the prurient depiction of sexual acts, with little or no artistic value" it can't be pornography. Also, Shortbus does not depict hard core sex. Hard core is XXX, and Shortbus is not XXX.


Netflix carries explicit videos. Just look at Battle in Heaven. Explicit sex scenes are in the video.

As for Blockbuster being consistent. They are FAR from consistent. They are bounce all around the place with thier rules for videos even R rated video and even PG-13 ones have been edited. I remember renting a copy of the Street Fighter Animated Movie only to find out that there was an uncut version of that. After that, I swore off the big blue unless i checked to see if they were carring an alternate version.


calig I agree with you on the hypocrisy and dishonesty of BB. But I rather think the version of Street Fighter they were carrying may have been the theatrical version. What infuriates me about BB (and the distributors who cave into them) is when they insist on editing a NC-17 or unrated (adults only) film to R or PG13 and then don't tell you that you're not getting the version that played in theatres.

Edward R Murrow

FYI, the Tudors DVD that I just got from BBO wasn't censored at all.


I think for two reasons:

a) so you would get Showtime to see the "full" version and

b) it's hard to set up a screening process especially for "free" and since they had 18 partners doing this - how gets what version, etc ... just easier to do one censored version.


I wish I could get a censored one... since i wanna watch it with my family. Seeing explicit sex scenes with ur family is the most awkward thing in the world.


Netflix doesn't censor, but companies that provide content to Netflix DO. Starz is notorious for censoring Netflix's streaming content. I recently watched a movie through my Wii that I had seen before and some of the nudity was removed. Meanwhile a scene with distant nudity (you could see the parts but they weren't RIGHT THERE) was still there. It wasn't black bars or blurring, just a noticeable camera movement upwards. Which makes me think these movies have a "television" version which the studio creates, and that's what is getting sold to Netflix, rather than an exact copy of the DVD. If this crap continues, I'll just cancel Netflix and get HBO and Showtime.

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