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Pretty stupid, huh? This released-in-2002 movie takes place in Bucks Co., PA where according to the 2000 census the population is 96.93% White.
Duhhhhhh, I wonder if there are similar information notices for "Barber Shop" (i.e. "most characters black") or "And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself" ("most characters hispanic") or "Fearless" ("most characters chinese").

I would have checked myself but apparently the Netflix.com website is down.


This is awful and waaay too PC to have this included.


"I see WHITE people...."

Pup, MD

Dude, those aliens were so not white.

But I will cut some slack for any rating for Signs that suggests that we'll be offended by its "everything happens for a reason" BS in an alien movie.


They must not like M. Night Shyamalan!

The Village
-Social Behavior
-All characters white, strong women, -developmentally disabled character.


That's actually kind of funny but totally unnecessary.


Looked up Apollo 13 on Common Sense. Apollo 13, if memory serves, had not one single black actor in it. No mention of "mostly white." Why is it necessary to note a mostly white cast anyway?


My bad, it does say mostly white.


No way, if I recall correctly the alien was definitely not white in Signs, and there were basically only four other actors in most of the rest of the film. But noone ever cares what color the alien is.


I hadn't realized that being or not being white was a social behavior.


I hadn't realized that being developmentally disabled was a social behavior, either. Frat members might be developmentally disabled as the result of social behavior, but they're a rare breed (luckily).


There should always be a warning on Mel Gibson movies. Warning: This movie contains a crazy ass.


Common sense dictates this is a p.c. move on Netflix's part; i.e., "people of color" who wish to be exposed as much as possible in their entertainment to those from their own culture, will have the opportunity to do so. Of course, the unspoken reality is that this is a form of racism.
Imagine the furor if Netflix rated certain dvds with the warning "Most charcters non-white".

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