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Hunter McDaniel

I have rented several Indian discs from Netflix, and in some cases the disc authoring did not seem very polished. For instance, one title just stopped at the end of the movie feature rather than jumping back to the main menu.

All of the titles were NTSC, though.


I agree with McDaniel's comments. I rent a lot of Indian discs as well and some have loading issues, b/c of authoring not because of region or other issues. The quality has gotten better though over time, but alas there's always room for improvement.


Maybe they're grey-market discs? A lot of those can have those kind of difficulties (Sinister Cinema, Tele-Films International, etc.).


Also, many Indian DVDs that claim to be '5.1' or 'surround' just basically duplicate the front speaker audio in the rear speakers. Or even if they have appropriately assigned the audio to the appropriate speakers, the levels will be off so that for example, the volume of dialogue will be lower than what is coming out of the front speakers - when you put the volume up, you still have the same problem because the levels just haven't been done right....again, its getting better but these issues can even occur on DVDs from proper studios (YashRaj, etc).


By the way, not sure if this is the right place for it or not, has anyone else noticed that the speed at which Netflix gets Bollywood DVDs has slowed to a crawl of late ..?

The film , 'Guru' , has been out on DVD for at least a month (maybe two) now and has been sitting in 'Availabilty Unknown' status for the entire time.

Even when an in demand Bollywood DVD does become available, it'll be a 'Very Long Wait' and you wont be able to get a hold of it till about two months after that making your wait time twice to three times that of just going to your local video store.

Anyone else noticing a slow down ?


Absolutely. I regularly send Netflix emails for the latest titles. They should go to www.indiaweekly.com to see what the latest releases are and buy accordingly. I'm still waiting to rent "Nishabd," "Baabul," "Black Friday," "Just Married (the Indian version)," and "Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd" among others. I also have a bunch of Bwood titles at the top of my queue with Very Long Wait.


Also looking for "Woh Lamhe"

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