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Hunter McDaniel

I update the firmware on my DVD player about as often as for my toaster.


Here is one article about this situation:


Note the irony of the brands of dvd players that are sometimes incompatible with Sony's ecryption methodology:

"ARccOS is known to have compatibility problems with some models of Sony, Toshiba and Harman Kardon DVD players."

Perhaps the Japanese culture is not familiar with the homily about "the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing."


The irony is that someone with one of these players affected by this would have to make a pirated copy in order to watch the movie.


You've got to be kidding - update my DVD player firmware so it can play non-standard Sony authored DVDs? I don't think so - making a copy that brings the DVD authoring into standard DVD authoring compliance makes more sense to me.


"You've got to be kidding - update my DVD player firmware so it can play non-standard Sony authored DVDs? I don't think so - making a copy that brings the DVD authoring into standard DVD authoring compliance makes more sense to me."

Me, too. If you have any problems, download these free programs - DVD Decrypter, FixVTS 1.603, and RipIt4Me ImgBurn and DVD Shrink are also invaluable.



I've got a Sony. How do you even update firmware on a DVD player?

Old Timer Too

I have to wonder _how_ a person would go about updating the firmware on a standalone DVD player? Is Sony and these other manufacturers going to issue a special CD or DVD that will perform the upgrade? Or do we have to haul the DVD into some dealership somewhere to have them do it?

Disney pulled this same stunt a number of years ago when they issue Bruce Willis' The Kid on DVD. I don't remember the brand I had at the time, but it was from the Thompson Manufacturing group and the film would freeze part way through playing the film. It was really irritating because the film was just starting to get interesting.

I spent about three months sending numerous nasty letters to Disney about the problem and had even exchanged the disc where I bought it.

Eventually, I received a replacement copy, but that sour taste of experience never left me.

Now I don't know if that was just a problem with that particular disc or if this was an early attempt to stop pirating.

I really don't know why the studios think they can stop pirates - especially with some kind of new encryption scheme. The FBI and associated warnings at the beginning of a movie are bad enough, but to have a scheme that will work for only a week or two before it is reverse engineered run the risk of not playing on legitimate players just does not seem to reflect wise corporate thinking.

Hey Sony, repeat after me: "The Sky if Falling. The Sky is Falling."

Evan M

I am pretty upset about this problem! I went out and
had to purchase a whole new DVD player because I
thought the laser was not reading the discs properly
in my current system. THE PROBLEM IS FIXED $$250

IS ANYONE AS UPSET AS I AM?? The problem is that Sony
decided to sneak in a copyright protection change on
their DVD format without properly testing it!!

This is the type of thing that we deserve
reimbursement for, especially when we weren't
told/warned about the change.

"Sony Tech: We know about this problem. Its our new
copy protection that’s making these discs unplayable
in some players including our own, we do not intend to
change the copy protection. The only correction to
this problem is a firmware update to your player. The
electronics division know about this and should have
given you this information."

Who would work with me on a class action lawsuit? I am
determined to get a resolution now and am working with
a lawyer.


I will be posting this on other blogs to get people

[email protected]

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