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I'm not sure it works. When I rent BABEL, I get recommended STRIPES. When I rent HORROR HILL, I get recommended STRIPES.

It's a freakin' brilliant movie (STRIPES) but if I have seen BABEL and haven't seen STRIPES, I deserve a beating and not an idiotic recommendation.

Old Timer Too

Not sure it works?

All of these engines, whether they are used by Amazon, BB, NF, or what-evah, are based upon more than a single rental, purchase, or anything else. The engines work on a combination of factors, including your overall rental history and, I suspect, how you rate the shows. These things appear to track trends, whether it is based upon a performer, or something else. The real key is to look on the film's page for how Choice Stream behaves.

Babel pulls up Traffic, Changing Lanes, Magnolia, and 21 Grams for me.

Horror Hill? What film you are renting??? I couldn't find it on the BB site or in the imdb!

So, I did a reverse, by checking out Stripes. I got Mister Roberts, Biloxi Blues,
Down Periscope, and M*A*S*H.

I suspect you are seeing the result of past rentals and probable high ratings on one or more military comedies or Bill Murray films, not something based upon Babel or whatever you rented for "Horror Hill."

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