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It's good to see this idiot get caught. Some poor fella is waiting for his red envelope and this clown is having a good time building his collection. Scumbag!


I personally feel he should have gotten MUCH MORE than 1.5 years. According to the news article he stole more than 8,000 NF and BB DVD's. They should have charged him with 8,000+ counts of theft and then let him plea bargain it down to 250 counts. Then that bastard would never have seen the light of day again!

Edward R Murrow

And yet Scooter Libby will never serve a day in the pokey after being convicted.

As long as you can afford it, or can benefit from cronyism, we have a great justice system.


"And yet Scooter Libby will never serve a day in the pokey after being convicted."

Yes, the All-Mighty Bush has spoken. He has chosen to override the entire judicial system with all his wisdom and has deemed that the sentence was too harse even though ALL analyst's say the penalty was correct with the federal guidelines!

Just another abuse of presidential power. I am sorry to say I voted for that idiot the first go around (but not the 2nd) and he will no doubt go down as the worst president to date! What a legacy he leaves behind!


and mark rich was a saint. funny why you'd even question dubya (who could give libby a full pardon) when bubba gave his corrupt friend who actually swindled innocent people out of millions of dollars.

scooter libby commited a crime, but it wasn't that much worse than what martha stewart did (and martha deserved to not serve any jail time compared to libby or rich).

and how about richard nixon -- ford pardoned him, and nixon pretty much ordered (or at least condoned) breaking, entering, and theft. tricky dick was so paranoid in a presidential election he wasn't even in danger of losing.

Hunter McDaniel

The effectiveness of law enforcement has always been heavily dependent on the stupidity of criminals.

This guy had stolen 8000 DVDs? I guess he didn't realize that Netflix has COMPUTERS, which could find a common thread in all these disappearing DVDs.


While I was pissed at the pardon that Clinton gave, it pales by comparison to what that piece-of-crap bush has done. I won't bother going into all of the reasons but I will mention 3250 of them...our military personnel who have died just so bush and his asshole friends could boost gasoline prices to more than double what they were when he first took office.


guess who got Marc Rich his pardon from Clinton? Scooter Libby was Rich's lawyer. Guess we know who has the magic touch for pardon love.

Edward R Murrow

Corey, good catch. I was waiting for Leo to correct himself since he brought up Marc Rich, but...

I've always suspected that the Democrats were soft on crime but now it appears that the Republicans can be accused of being soft on crime too. Or is it Democans and Republicrats? Me thinks our politicians get to Washington and somehow become corrupt Mandarins.


Jail should be used primarily to protect the public from people who endanger people. While having Netflix envelopes stolen may be an inconvenience to the public, and may be a financial burden to Netflix, it did not endanger anyone. (That political guy did of course endanger the lives of undercover agents, directly or indirectly, and jail is appropriate).


"Jail should be used primarily to protect the public from people who endanger people."

If you only jailed people who endangered others then that would leave out jailing people who committed many other crimes. You would then take away a major weapon in crime fighting. For example; why worry about embezzlement? If you had the opportunity to abscond with several million dollars in company funds and you knew that the worst that could happen to you would be to be fined and maybe have to pay it back, why not take that chance. The prospect with serving jail time is sometimes the only deterrent in deciding if you should do the crime.


i didn't know that scooter libby was mark rich's lawyer, but who cares? my point is still valid.

johnnie cochran defended orenthal james simpson. if johnnie had lied under oath at some point in time, it would pale in comparison to the crime johnnie defended oj of.

Old Timer Too

We're way off topic here, but there are problems with our legal system and most of it is in the hands of our politicians. All the more reasons for getting new ones every election. The jail times seems light, but considering that the drunk unlicensed driver who killed my brother, sister-in-law, and two soldiers got only three years. Driving drunk when your license is suspended or revoked is akin to committing any crime with a loaded weapon, in my opinion. Theft should be punished by full restitution, if not double or treble damages. If the average cost of a film was $20, then that guy should have been fined $160,000 at the minimum to NF and BB and an equal amount to those renters who never saw their films or the returns!


What an idiot - if you're a dishonest postal worker with access to all those Netflix returns, the smarter thing to do is just waylay the DVD, rip/burn a copy, then return to Netflix. This is just as illegal but, however, would result in a lot less chance of ending up in the slammer.


Do they take the DVDs back? And if so, how do they know which is who's (i.e. which movies are Netflix and which are Blockbuster's)? If they don't take them away, he can make most of his fine just by selling them to Movie Trading Co.


"Do they take the DVDs back?"

Of course they take the movies back. Why would you think they wouldn't? If he had stolen the DVD's from a someone's home do you think he would have been allowed to keep them? They always try to return stolen items to the rightful owner.


Clinton pardoned plenty of scumbags near the end of his second term. Ford pardoned Nixon. They all do this. There's no reason to bring politics into it. Politicians are cronyists. They're all greedy, corrupt, and worthless.


"This guy had stolen 8000 DVDs? I guess he didn't realize that Netflix has COMPUTERS, which could find a common thread in all these disappearing DVDs."

Kinda makes Netflix and the post office look incompetent for not being able to catch this guy by the time he had stolen, say, 80 DVDs. They should be able to see a pattern after 8 DVDs turn up missing. It would create a huge anomaly, unless he spread them out (which he obviously didn't). Who says crime don't pay? If someone can steal 8,000 DVDs before being caught, the thieves don't have much to worry about. You're more likely to be caught going over the speed limit than stealing DVDs.


"Jail should be used primarily to protect the public from people who endanger people."

So, pick-pockets and scam artists should not go to jail? I think we should legalize drugs and prostitution and gambling, because those are crimes without a victim. Nobody needs to be protected from vices, provided they don't harm anyone but the participant(s). Thieves, OTOH, should have some jail time and payback with interest. Violent crimes should have no possibility of parole, also.

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