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I don't believe I've ever walked out of a theater. However, I have returned movies without finishing them. One, in particular, was "Derailed" with Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston. I found I just didn't care about either of the characters and I didn't really understand how the story premise would be worth a whole movie. I just didn't care.


I've never walked out on a movie because of the movie itself. I've walked out on movies because of the bad behavior of people in the theatre. I remember Seabiscuit in particular - the guy behind me got five cell phone calls within the first 40 minutes. I tried to move, but it was a small theatre and you couldn't escape his loud, obnoxious voice. The manager couldn't make him shut up, so he gave me my money back (along with 6 other people who also left the theatre).

I watched Seabiscut a few months later, once it was available through Netflix. Going to the theatre just doesn't have much appeal any more.

I've occasionally returned unwatched movies to Netflix, mostly because I wasn't in the mood for the movie and it had sat unwatched for several weeks. Usually I end up renting it again some other time when I'm more in the mood for that type of movie.


I can think of only two movies I've returned to Netflix without finishing.

One was "Cannibal Holocaust," which I found so deeply disturbing that I had trouble sleeping with the lights off for weeks.

The other was Michael Moore's "Canadian Bacon." I just found it so stupid and poorly made that I had to stop it less than halfway through. It's very odd, because I love his documentary stuff.

Pup, MD

Could only stand about five minutes of "What the Bleep Do We Know" after figuring out it was actually some new age propaganda piece.


Never walked out nor not finished a movie. BUT I did fast forward through 80% of Gerry and The Last Kiss.


Holy cow, I didn't know Canadian Bacon was Michael Moore.

Lamarr Wilson

1. Napoleon Dynamite: I couldn't watch more than 30 minutes of it; way too painful...

2. 40 Year Old Virgin: WAY TOO MUCH profanity the first few minutes. This was my fault for getting the "unrated" version, not realizing that the movie itself was Rated R. Definitely not a family type of movie.


I walked out on a movie called The Honeymoon Killers years ago. I thought it was one of the most boring and stupid movies I had ever seen. In other words, I just didn't get it.

Now it's suppose to be a cult classic. So I recorded it off of Turner Classic Movies a couple of weeks back and will eventually watch to try and figure out where I went wrong with this "classic."

Darin K.

I know many people will think I'm nuts, but I stopped watching Anchorman about an hour in. When I just wish for an atom bomb to blow up the movie and everyone in it, it's time to pack it in. :P

Old Timer Too

Yup. I don't remember the title, other than it was a highly-touted Jack Lemon film. My wife and I were bored silly and found it unappealing. We've sat through a couple of Woody Allen self-pity films all the way. And it seems to me that we walked out of a film once in the last couple of years, but I don't remember what it was... It was likely because of excessively foul language.

I've turned films off plenty of times when they haven't captured my interest. But I've also sat through others and then wrote reviews telling folks why I found the films unappealing.

Both NF and BB now allow users to write reviews, though I find BB's limit of 1000 characters too restrictive. NF's 2000 characters is better and provides ample opportunity to really take apart the most appealing or unappetizing parts.


If I'm spent money to see something, usually I'll suffer through all of it. I return movies to the library unwatched all the time, but the only Netflix one I can remember is Bad Boy Bubby. I'm interested in cult films and am a fan of Aussie movies, but I don't think I managed more than 10 minutes of BBB.


Since joining Netflix in September, 2003, I've seen about 276 movies. Usually the Netflix website helps me steer clear of the obviously bad or the clearly uninteresting. Sometimes, though, a really bad movie gets through. Usually it's that which seems promising in conception but is incoherent in execution: I remember seven movies I returned partially unwatched—"The Brothers Grimm" (moronic script, OD'd on special effects), "Cannibal: The Musical" (could have been so stupid as to be brilliant but instead was so stupid as to be stupid), "Earthsea" (Ms. LeGuin's masterpiece ruined, over her own protests, by Hollywood hacks), "The Family Guy, Season 3" (the series hit a realy really, really dry spot in Season 3), "High Fidelity" (bad writing crushing even Cusack), "Hyperspace" (a science documentary that even an 8-year-old find too basic) "A Knight's Tale" (fascinating preview, pairing star-crossed medieval lovers to Garbage's 'You're So Fine,' much better than the unwatchable bilge of the actual movie) "Legend of 1900" (gory, yet stagnant) "Manhattan" (never has Allen managed to be more uninteresting).


I've walked out of two movies:
-The Matrix - due to other patrons. Went to see it again the next week.
-Buffalo 66 - and I have disliked Vincent Gallo ever since.

I've also returned a bunch of Netflix unfinished, although that is usually my GF's choice...I probably would have finished them, even though I didn't care enough to finish them on my own later.


I think the only Netflix movie I've ever turned off was "Sin City." I'm not queasy about violence on the screen but this was just plain silly. Terrible "story," endlessly gratuitous violence. Just pointless. All surface, no substance. I don't care what the critics say.


Reading David's comments about Sin City reminded me that I walked out of "The 300." What a bunch of noise, crappy FX and terrible acting. Six-pack body-worship porn nonsense. Ludicrous soundtrack. I expected an updated "Gladiator". Boy was I mistaken.


Reading David's comments about Sin City reminded me that I walked out of "The 300." What a bunch of noise, crappy FX and terrible acting. Six-pack body-worship porn nonsense. Ludicrous soundtrack. I expected an updated "Gladiator". Boy was I mistaken.


The Good German with Matt Damon...I just lost interest and returned the film. THe only film I walked out of was Waterboy with Addam Sandler. I love his films but I took a buddy who was visiting and it was just wasting our time. I liked it better on video.


Back in my theater-going days, I walked on Born on the Fourth of July. Way to preachy and whinny, a complete waste. But with Netflix, I just FF or stop altogether. I stopped: Confessions of a Dangerous mind and pan's labyrinth; I FF'ed the Brothers Grimm and some others I can't remember.

I actually think I watch more bad movies with netflix simply because i'm not paying $8, so i'm willing to take more risks. I doubt i'll ever walk out of a theater again.


Never left a theater because i payed good money and I would ensure no money was actually wasted, only objectively wasted. But i have enjoyed the fact that all but 1 or 2 Watch It Now movies saved time for both the mailman and myself from skimming a rental and sending it right back after 2-5 minutes...!


I haven't walked out because the movie was bad, and probably never will. But I've come close because of the way people behave. Why can't they have a person or two to monitor the crowd. Even the larger multiplexes wouldn't need that very many people to do this. I hate having to miss part of a movie to get up and report bad behavior.

When I saw 28 Weeks Later, this guy talked through the whole thing (he was by himself) and talked on his cell phone (loudly) several times.

Big Will

I usually will sit through a movie at the theater. The only exception that I can remember recently was Slither because there was an audio problem and the movie wasn't good enough to warrant staying. I then stuck into Stay Alive which was in the next theater, knowing it would suck but giving it a shot anyway since I had the time, and walked out, literally 10 minutes later.
Rentals, though, have to get me within the first half hour, if not, I shut them off and return them.


Sent back "Farce of The Penguins", "Darkness" and "Cache"...its been hard with other movies but i've been able to stick through them.


I've walked out of several movies. Basically if I'm so bored that I'm thinking of other things I could be doing, it's time to go. Walked out of first Lord of the Rings. Decided that if I saw one more 10 minute scene of them crossing a meadow, I was out. When they did, I left. Also walked out of Superman Returns. Thought that was a colossally boring movie.

First movie I ever walked out of was Holy man with Eddie Murphy. That was just a terrible movie.


Titanic, after all the hype i finall went to go see it... it was terrible.


While I have never walked out of a movie either because of the movie or unruly people I did have an interesting thing happen about 2 1/2 years ago.

I was in a theater and there was a really obnoxious person sitting right in front of me. He was talking, really loud, on his cell phone for at least the first 20 minutes of the movie. I had asked him several times to stop. The last time I asked him to stop he threatened me. FIRST BIG MISTAKE! I went to the manager, told him about the threat and then called the police.

When the police arrived I went back to my seat with the police officer and manager a short distance behind me. As soon as I got back in my seat this asshole decided to threaten me again. His problem was that the officer heard him. When he was confronted by the officer he was stupid enough to say some smart-ass remark to him. SECOND BIG MISTAKE! The jerk-off was led away in handcuffs. Since I had missed over half of the movie the manager gave me my money back and offered to allow me to stay for the next showing which I didn't have time to do.


The only movie I recall walking out of was The Prince of Egypt, and it had nothing to do with the movie. The theater's lobby clock was set wrong, none of us knew what time it was, so we bought tickets for a showing that had already started. That was years ago; I don't see movies in the theater much any more.

I don't recall ever sending back a NetFlix movie unwatched. Their rating and recommendation systems work really well for me. Even the worst rentals are entertaining enough.


I've never walked out of a theater (because I rarely go to them!)...

but I have shut off some DVD movies before they ended...

Heathers (oh my god, sux)
Blood Diamond

There are some I watched that are hours of my life I will never get back! (Apocalypse Now - Redux) But I did watch them but will never watch them again.


i think the only two movies i've ever walked out on have been in the last year or so: V for Vendetta (over-the-top preachy and just plain dumb), and Knocked Up (the most unlikeable cast of characters ever assembled). for rented movies i'm actually more likely to just start reading a magazine or a book than to turn it off (Godfather 3 and Ocean's 12 come to mind).


I walked out of the theater during Blake Edward's A Fine Mess. I shut off Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights halfway through because it was so mean-spirited -- in fact, I think everyone associated with that movie should issue an apology.


Never go to theaters, so I guess I never walked out of movies.

As for Netflix, I hit the eject button (to reject that is) maybe 5% of the time. Those DVDs always get a 1 star rating.

That's the beauty of rentals - you have this whole group of internet reviewers, both pros and people like you and me, who can help you decide which potential movies to even consider watching. Going to theaters for new releases is an obvious hit or miss proposition.


In the theatre I walked out of:

Alien - I was a kid and couldn't couldn't handle the Alien goo. I get sick almost thinking about it. Years later I tried to watch it on DVD but had the same problem.

Moulin Rouge - I just hated it. Pa-toohy. Can't believe it won so many awards. I think this was a case of The Emperor's clothes.

Sin City - When it got to the part with the dog I almost lost my lunch. Way to ultra-violent for me.

King Kong - the bugs were just too squicky for me.

If I'm not enjoying it, why waste my time? My time is way more important that the $10 I spent on the movie. I've stopped watching DVDs for the same reason. If I'm not enjoying it, there's no point in continuing.


I've walked out of a theater a few times but because of the audience behavior or film technical problems (too loud, out of focus, etc.) I think I walked out because of the movie content once, but that was back in the 70s and I don't remember it too well.

I've ejected or more likely fast-forwarded through a lot of DVDs - dozens anyway - Citizen Kane for one, just can't get into that film no matter how hard I try. I tend to watch my share of B- movies and sometimes they are just really, really bad.


I recently walked out of Steve Martin's crummy Pink Panther - and I had a free ticket on that. Also walked out of Tucker - couldn't take the Hold that Tiger singing.

Since movie theaters are now mega-plexs, the art of walking out isn't a complete protest. I can just wander into another theater and watch away on a different film.


"The Good German with Matt Damon..."

Matt Damon wasn't in The Good German. You're thinking of The Good Shepherd, but they were both pretty awful IMO.

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