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Old Timer Too

I'm not so sure why that recommendation is "interesting." The 2004 disc is an actual filming of the Prairie Home Companion show. The real deal, no less and the thirtieth anniversary celebration of the long-running show. It provides an excellent comparison against the 2006 movie in which the show is being closed down because their theater is being converted into a parking garage.

So, if you would, why is this "interesting?" I find it to be an excellent recommendation, especially for those who want to see the real thing.

If you consider something like this to be interesting (I ignore most recommendations, by the way), then I might suggest that if you rent a remake, rent the original, just for comparison's sake. One of the better comparison sets is the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers against its remake - not the horrid Body Snatchers (3rd iteration).

Another interesting comparison is the original Flight of the Pheonix with James Stewart and Richard Attenborough against the remake of a couple of years ago.


Yeah, I agree with Old Timer Too, that's a great recommendation. I've never had one that good. All of mine were always weird and had no real connection to the movie I just returned except may be a key word in the title. In fact, I haven't even received a rec for over a year. I think if you rate enough movies (over several thousand) the software just gives up.


All my recommendations are for one of the million disks of the Twilight Zone.Sure the show is a classic but I've seen them on tv a million times. Do I have to go through every single volume and say "not interested?"

The recommendations on Netflix are just about useless.


I was amused once by searching for Shakes Clown and getting Sales Success (6-Disc Series)


I just got a recommendation for Saw 3, since I liked Saw 2, Saw 1, and...Big Daddy?

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