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I used to be pretty big on owning but there really aren't that many movies that I would watch over and over again that would justify the price. Besides, as the post points out: after you build up a nice collection its time for a new format ;)


As I see it, the value equation is tipping.

When rentals were $4 and you had to drive to a store to get a movie, it made a lot of sense to have a fairly sizable library at home.

Now we can have instant access to a library of thousands of titles (eventually, practically every title ever made), and I see no reason why on-line rentals should be more than $1 - significantly less for things like TV shows. Under those conditions it makes more sense to join an on-line service.


I agree...very few films I really need to own. Just watch them and move on.


I'm on the Rent side as well. I understand why companies feel the need to use DRM to protect their products, but I don't see a reason to buy films digitally while they are DRM'd.

While these films are DRM'd, it feels as though "purchasing" a movie is really just renting them; with the rental due date being when the company no longer is in business, the company decides to change their licensing terms and/or when my computer dies and is replaced more times than the license allows.


Only DVDs I've ever bought were those titles I couldn't rent, and even then I'd buy used. And that was years ago - now NF and BB have pretty much everything in their catalogs.

I'm from the school of rent, watch, move on - their are far too many titles out there and I'm about to waste time seeing something twice.

You got to be kidding - buy downloads? Even if I were interested, the U.S. definition of Broadband is a joke compared to Asia/Europe, and then you have all that bizarre DRM stuff and associated players. No thanks.

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