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Customer retention would increase drastically if they JUST STOPPED THROTTLING !!!

Lamarr Wilson

Thanks Mike!

I hope that they expand the Watch Now to TV, possibly through Windows Media Center with an extender like the 360 with at least near DVD quality.

It's interesting that they are not really making money on the High Definition discs, but I am pleased that they offer them; it shows that they appreciate their customers and their needs. Good overall review!


Rather than talking how much blockbuster is making or losing, they should address their own problems. Its like a kid crying that I came second because the other guy came first. The reason BB is taking customers away from NF is because of total access....I dont see NFLX addressing how are they going to counter that. Also NFLX failed to mention that BB will soon be rolling out its online watch now feature. So NFLX will again lose another edge over BB. How are they countering that? NFLX seems to be whining more during the conference call rather than telling investors how thay plan to counter BB in this rental war.


Netflix, hook up with TiVo! You both need eachother!

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