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And pretty much every cable company (Comcast et al.) is offering these NBC shows mentioned at some point in time that is earlier than the actual season premiers On Demand.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that the satellite companies are offering these NBC shows On Demand also.


I guess Blockbuster is trying to target Verizon FiOS customers.


These shows were also deliberately leaked to bit torrent networks a month ago.

This is a good start but is a promotional tool rather than a *distributional* tool. Until the networks figure out the difference they'll be losing out to "piracy" on the internet.

The smart move would be to launch a show on a site such as Netflix at the same time you launch it at 8pm Wednesdays on NBC. Say an hour after the show finishes airing it's up on Netflix for subscribers to watch via "Watch Now." You could roll this into global monthly plans or add "subscription" tiers to netflix pricing. Either way the network makes money for something that they are not today, their shows get better exposure and they make it easier for the customer to get what it wants.

It's obvious and somebody is going to make a lot of money by moving first.

Edward R Murrow

'Say an hour after the show finishes airing it's up on Netflix for subscribers to watch via "Watch Now." '

This is already happening for customers of DirecTV and Comcast - it's called On Demand and it's dope! No additional set top box, no wires or PC's to mess with...


Comcast -- No Big Ten Network for you! Pissing off fans of Ohio State, Penn State, etc.


However, this is my favorite Comcast story:

"Blog Tactics Allegedly Used by Comcast PR Agency"



Another one bites the dust...

How's that $399 paperweight treating you now that you can't download Heroes to it, Ed?

"NBC to End iTunes Sales of Its Shows"


"Why would someone opt for this device over, say the 160GB AppleTV? The wireless auto-synchronization between the AppleTV and iTunes is dope!

Posted by: Edward R Murrow | July 03, 2007 at 07:30 PM"


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